Somos Innovación Network: New Documentary Shows Hidden Side of Vaping in Latin America

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina--()--The documentary “Behind the Cloud” shows the motivations and struggles of those who want vaping and other alternatives to traditional cigarettes to be allowed in Latin America. The film, which is presented in three episodes, was produced by the Somos Innovación Network and directed by the award-winning Polish filmmaker Tomasz Agencki.

“Behind the Cloud” portrays the human side of vaping activism in LatAm, as well as the challenges it faces and the personal stories that made the activists who they are today. All this following the storyline of a tense vaping-related vote in the Chilean Parliament. The documentary offers a harmonious palette of colors ranging from intimacy to local regulatory issues and the WHO FCTC, always including scientific evidence.

Filmed this year by professional film crews in four different locations - Mexico City (Mexico), Cordoba (Argentina), Medellin (Colombia) and Warsaw (Poland) - the producers highlighted having achieved a distinctly international project in the adverse context of the pandemic.

The director, editor and script writer of “Behind the Cloud” is Tomasz Agencki, a Polish broadcaster and documentary filmmaker. He was awarded the prize for best international documentary at the ANTHEM Festival in Las Vegas 2020 for his film about the European Union. In each work, Tomasz focuses on the hidden or unknown side of history, politics or technology.

One of the interviewees, Ignacio Leiva, stated that the documentary “is a great contribution against disinformation and restrictions to personal freedoms. It shows in a simple and perfectly summarized way what those who work in favor of users' rights do and describes perfectly what is going on behind the cloud.”

Federico N. Fernandez, Executive Director of Somos Innovación, explained:

“It is high time for us in Latin America to take advantage of the innovative solutions that can put an end to smoking as we know it and save millions of lives. In that sense, the regulatory framework needs to be smart and open, never restrictive and prone to prohibitions. The stakes are too high.”

Narrated in Spanish with English subtitles available, the documentary “Behind the Cloud” can be viewed on the Somos Innovación website ( and on Youtube.


About Somos Innovación (SI)

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Federico N. Fernández

Release Summary

Estreno documental “Detrás de la Nube”, acerca de la lucha por el vapeo legal en LatAm. Filmado en Ciudad de México, Córdoba, Medellín y Varsovia .


Federico N. Fernández