AHF to Lead G20 Demonstration at Hyde Park Corner for Global Vaccine Access

Advocates to protest at Hyde Park Corner in London to urge G20 and EU countries to use the Rome Summit to commit to real action on global COVID-19 vaccine access

Wednesday, October 20 at 13:00 (UTC+1), Hyde Park Corner, London

LONDON--()--In an advocacy push leading up to the Rome G20 Summit later this month, activists will hold a demonstration at Hyde Park Corner in London to urge leaders from European Union (EU) and G20 countries to utilize the Summit to commit to real action on global COVID-19 vaccine access. The protest is part of the global Vaccinate Our World (VOW) call-to-action led by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF).

Wealthy nations have drawn global criticism for hoarding vaccines and not urging pharmaceutical companies to share their know-how for the vaccine research and development funded primarily by taxpayers. As of mid-October, more than 3.7 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses had been administered globally, with nearly 80% of those going to people in high- and upper-middle-income countries. Barely 7% of the 1.3 billion people on the African continent have received even one dose. The discrepancy is worse for low-income countries where only 2.5% of people have gotten a shot.

“The United Kingdom has had some success with vaccinations for people living in the country, but wealthy nations must do more when the rest of the world is suffering,” said Michael Mancinelli, Country Programme Manager for AHF UK. “It’s simply not right – vaccine makers must share their recipes, and wealthy nations must stop stockpiling vaccines when they’re needed in the many countries where people do not have access. G20 and European leaders must use the Summit to bolster efforts to increase vaccine production globally so that everyone in the world has the same chance to get these much-needed vaccines!”


Vaccinate Our World” Public Demonstration and Call-to-Action March


Wednesday 20 October, between 13:00-14:00 for the start of the march


Hyde Park Corner, London


Vaccinate Our World advocates from AIDS Healthcare Foundation and partners


There will be a march through EU countries’ embassies neighbourhood in central London.


Michael Mancinelli, Country Programme Manager, AHF UK, +44 7707 932372, michael.mancinelli@ahf.org


Denys Nazarov, Director of Global Policy & Communication, AHF +1.323.308.1829


“The ‘VOW’ demonstrations in London and other cities across Europe are vital for sending a wake-up call to EU and G20 leaders ahead of their Rome Summit – we will not sit idle while billions of people worldwide go without vaccines!” said AHF Europe Bureau Chief Zoya Shabarova. “Wealthy countries have secured enough vaccines for their citizens, some of which have enough to vaccinate their populations multiple times over. It’s now time for those leaders to pay it forward and show the same care and concern to people in Africa and other hard-hit regions struggling to get lifesaving vaccines and recover from the pandemic. Enough is enough – the G20 must Vaccinate Our World!”

‘VOW’ activists organized recent protests targeting the headquarters of U.S.-based COVID-19 vaccine makers Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson to demand that they halt their ‘pandemic profiteering’ and share their know-how and technologies to increase vaccine production globally. Other advocacy actions have included embassy visits in many countries where AHF operates and a ‘VOW’ protest in Brussels earlier this year targeting EU leaders.

Learn more by visiting VaccinateOurWorld.org, where you can pledge as an individual or as an organization to fight for vaccine access across the globe.

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Brian Shepherd
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Brian Shepherd
(808) 382-8570