Folloze Launches Live Events, a Virtual Event Solution that Delivers Highly Personalized and Targeted Attendee Experiences

Folloze Live Events Reimagines High-Touch, In-Person Events with Zoom Integration for Live Events and Simu-Live and On-Demand Streaming from Leading Platforms

Pre-Event: Invitation & Promotion: In just minutes, launch an entire pre-event journey that turns each of your invited guests into enthusiastic attendees. In addition to the agenda, include previews of key presentations, product papers, demo highlights and tailored messages from presenters that are dynamically personalized for each and every invitee. (Graphic: Business Wire)

FOSTER CITY, Calif.--()--Folloze today launched Folloze Live Events, a new solution for frontline marketing teams. From acquisition to advocacy, Folloze Live Events extends the capabilities of the Folloze Buyer Experience using Zoom, giving frontline marketing teams a powerful tool to engage and advance B2B buyers across every digital touchpoint of their journey.

High-touch, in-person events have always been a core part of the marketing mix where people share experiences and connect. In the wake of COVID-19 and the shift to digital, B2B revenue teams are vying for every buyer's attention through various digital channels.

Folloze Live Events is the most effective way to replicate in-person engagement and support the entire event life cycle -- before, during, and post-event. The solution leverages Zoom and enables frontline marketers with new ways to host live-stream interactive experiences. For simu-live and on-demand streaming, Folloze supports a range of industry standard video platforms. Folloze Live Event examples include account-specific meetings, regional customer events, customized demo days, virtual briefing centers and virtual customer breakfasts with Doordash delivery.

"The events of the past two years underscore the need to transform everyday experiences for a virtual world," said John Tu, SDK Product Manager at Zoom. "Today, marketers and salespeople need new and innovative ways to build engaging relationships with their buyers. From Digital Round Tables to customer field events, the Folloze Live Events solution is a game-changer. By integrating Zoom's Meeting SDK to bring Zoom functionality into the Folloze user experience to support micro-targeted events, field teams can create and manage complete event experiences in a way that delivers customer happiness."

"Virtual events are powerful, interactive, and personable channels to engage customers," said Steve O'Neil, Director at Agent3, a leading global Account-Based Marketing services and technology agency. "Unfortunately, the execution challenge associated with deploying these events at scale can often be insurmountable for frontline marketing teams. Folloze Live Events elevates our ability to deliver more personalized, targeted virtual event experiences to deeply engage the target accounts our clients care about most."

Small is Big: The Next Generation of Micro-targeted Events

Folloze Live Events was designed as an all-in-one solution for frontline marketing teams. The solution's intuitive event experience designer ensures that any frontline marketer can quickly launch engaging virtual events to audiences of any size without requiring technical support or expertise. Key capabilities include:

  • Zoom Integration: Integrates with Zoom Meetings or Webinar to deliver a complete experience, including viewing of Zoom on a Folloze board, Zoom interactive features, registration, event follow up, contextualized content, and more.
  • Video Streaming: Folloze Live Events offers native support for simu-live and on-demand streaming via industry-standard video hosting platforms like Brightcove, Vidyard, Vimeo, Wistia, and more.
  • Native Simu-Live video Streaming (planned Q4 2021): The solution will offer out-of-the-box simu-live streaming with a native video player, so marketers can upload a pre-produced video and schedule the content to play as a live session.
  • Dynamic Personalization: Attendees receive bespoke experiences specific to their role and interests at every stage of the event lifecycle.
  • Automated Registration, Private Events, and Orchestration with Sales: For targeted events requiring registration, Folloze offers point-and-click landing page setup, and simple email automation and delivery via connected sales teams. Manage access to the event via a password or through multi factor authentication, and Single Sign-On for closed events.
  • Attendee Engagement Analytics: Folloze includes granular measurement of attendee engagement, including time spent and content viewed, so marketing and sales teams can understand event performance and take informed action during event follow-up.

"Smaller, high-touch events have always played a critical role in educating and creating relationships with buying teams," said David Brutman, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Folloze. "We have seen growing demand for digitizing those customer engagement touchpoints and being able to execute them at a scale of hundreds of events a year. This requires a true agile model of democratizing the creating and managing of virtual events, by any marketer that wants to include it in their demand program. With Folloze Live Events, frontline marketing teams are empowered for the first time with the tools to quickly launch bespoke virtual experiences that engage and move prospects and customers to the next stage in the buyer's journey."

Resources to Learn More

Folloze Live Events is available today for both existing and new customers. Existing Folloze customers can try Folloze Live Events for free for up to five events. To learn more, access resources, or request a demo, visit the Folloze Live Event resource center.

On November 3, Folloze will host a webcast with Agent3 and the Demand Gen Report to discuss best practices for executing high-touch live events as a revenue force multiplier. To register, click here.

About Folloze

Folloze builds the leading B2B Buyer Experience Platform. Frontline marketing teams rely on Folloze to deliver engaging and personalized experiences across the entire buyer journey. With over $10B in pipeline delivered, Folloze fuels growth for top B2B brands, including Autodesk, RingCentral, Cisco, and ServiceNow. To learn more, visit


Media Contact
Yael Cohen Bar-On
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Media Contact
Yael Cohen Bar-On
650 257 6966