QuantConnect Launches Terminal Link, a Bloomberg Desktop API Compatibility Plug-In

SEATTLE--()--QuantConnect, the world’s leading, open-source algorithmic trading platform, announced a plug-in that makes its LEAN engine compatible with the Bloomberg™ Desktop API (DAPI). QuantConnect refers to this plug-in as “Terminal Link.” QuantConnect’s Terminal Link is not affiliated with or endorsed by Bloomberg™ in any way.

When traders deploy Terminal Link, they enable access to two top financial tools, working in concert. QuantConnect’s LEAN is an open-source, feature-rich engine that facilitates rapid testing of new investment strategies. The Bloomberg™ Execution & Management System (EMSX™) is a trading platform that supplies access to 1,300+ liquidity pools. QuantConnect developed Terminal Link to allow traders to route LEAN orders to the EMSX™.

When Terminal Link connects with the DAPI, quants can perform jupyter research using the latest machine-learning libraries, then backtest and live trade the same code from LEAN. They can use data locally to facilitate rapid backtesting in the LEAN engine.

“Terminal Link highlights our commitment to open-source technology,” said Jared Broad, CEO of QuantConnect. “Choosing LEAN for your fund’s algorithmic trading engine ensures you can move to other data sources and order routing networks, breaking free of vendor lock-in. The radically open-source nature of LEAN gives your fund freedom to adapt and extend LEAN to business needs.”

About QuantConnect

QuantConnect is the pioneer in open access to quantitative trading. The company’s state-of-the-art trading platform and open-source algorithmic trading engine, LEAN, level the playing field for investors with cutting-edge technology. Since its founding, QuantConnect’s global community of 175,000 quants has designed more than nine million algorithms. With Alpha Streams, the world’s first marketplace for alpha, QuantConnect connects its community to institutional investors, thereby supplying quants with recognition and revenue for their ideas.

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