Men’s Health Thought Leader and Innovator Calls for Specific Girth Enhancement Protocols

Expert Explains the Need for Trained and Board-Certified Urologists to Perform Penile Girth-Enhancement Procedures

MIAMI--()--Leading Board Certified Urologist Paul Perito, MD of Miami, who created the clinically proven, non-surgical, patented UroFill penile girth-enhancement technique, commented this month at the Miami Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology Conference on the need for improved patient education and stricter worldwide protocols for girth-enhancement procedures. Dr. Perito delivered his comments while receiving the 2021 Maverick Award at the conference.

“In terms of desired aesthetic results, as well as safety and to avoid complications,” said Dr. Perito, “it is absolutely critical that patients do their research before having a penile girth enhancement procedure. Any penile girth enhancement technique should undergo clinical review testing and should only be performed by a trained, board-certified urologist. We’ve seen too many patients come to us with complications or poor results in need of repair because basic urologic principles were not applied or, at a minimum, followed.”

The UroFill technique, now available at nine locations in the United States, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic, with additional physicians in the queue to receive training, is only performed by urologists, via a series of simple, painless, office-based treatments that can make almost any desired penile girth achievable.

“Urologists are the true stewards of the penis, in that they understand the complex mechanics of the urologic systems beyond, but including aesthetics,” added Dr. Perito. “That’s why Board Certified Urologists, fully trained by myself and my UroFill team, are the only practitioners officially certified to perform our patented technique. Our eight-year clinical database of experience will help you to achieve your goals regarding your penis.”

The UroFill procedure is painless and treatment takes place in the privacy and comfort of the urologist’s office. The procedures are performed under local anesthesia for patient comfort and patients can return to most work immediately after the procedure, without restrictions. Most patients can resume sexual activity after 72 hours.

UroFill™ is an innovative new method to achieve penile girth enhancement that is a non-surgical procedure using a proprietary dermal filler. The outcome is functionally and cosmetically appealing with durable results. The UroFill approach was created by one of the world’s leading Board Certified urologists, Paul Perito, MD, of Perito Urology (Miami, FL). The patented technique is safe, effective and minimally invasive. Learn more by visiting or calling 1-833-UROFILL.

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Urologist, and men’s health thought leader and innovator Dr. Paul Perito has called for specific girth enhancement protocols.

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