Heumann Environmental Launches 24/7 Software That Streamlines Industrial Design

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind.--()--Industrial manufacturer Heumann Environmental Company LLC (HEC) has announced the launch of a cloud-based software service that empowers customers to design and build cyclones, the specialized separation equipment used in many industrial processes and pollution control applications.

Developed by subsidiary Heumann Software Company, the High Efficiency Cyclone Calculatorâ„¢ -- or HECycloneâ„¢ for short -- represents the first of a suite of proprietary software services for companies in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, ethanol, petroleum, forest products and utility industries, among others, that use reverse flow cyclones to separate particles from gas streams. The software incorporates decades of HEC technical experience and more than a century of industry data validated across multiple applications and scenarios.

"This is intelligent software that puts the power to design, validate or build cyclones literally in customer hands," said Bill Heumann, president of Heumann Software Company. "It's available 24/7, and there's no limit on the number of cyclones or unique specifications that customers can test and build."

Through its easy-to-use interface, the HECyclone software allows customers to select a cyclone model and to provide conditions for its use. Operators can test as many process and design scenarios as desired to determine the best high efficiency cyclone solution, allowing them to witness the nuanced effects of those changes across their optimal collection range.

The software employs the same analytical engine used by HEC to size and build cyclones to exacting performance specifications.

Customer-built designs are securely stored and are available for password-protected retrieval. Additionally, operators can clone all or parts of previous designs to jumpstart new projects. Three pricing packages are available.

"HECyclone is invaluable for a wide range of professionals -- from equipment suppliers wanting to design and supply high efficiency cyclones, chemical engineers looking to better understand or optimize their own cyclones; and scientists, researchers and students wanting to learn about the unique effects design elements can have on cyclone performance," Heumann said.

The package can be customized with Gas Mix Calculator and Overall Performance Calculation add-ons that provide additional detail in various graphic formats. Software subscribers are eligible for discounts on HEC cyclone related services as well.

About Heumann Environmental Company and Heumann Software

HEC is a world leader in providing high efficiency cyclones, scrubbers and severe duty filters for emission control, product recovery and nuisance dust and fume collection. In addition to its environmental products, the company specializes in fabrication, manufacturing, engineering, consulting and infrastructure projects. For more information, visit www.heumannenviro.com. With the launch of HECyclone, Heumann Software is revolutionizing the tools for designing, modeling, testing, running simulations and building cyclones. More information is available at www.hecyclone.com.

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Media contacts:
Jacqueline K. Heumann, Heumann Software Co., 630-204-8615 | jkh@heumannenviro.com
Terry McWilliams, Mozaic Communications, 502.410.2113 | terrym@mozaicir.com

Release Summary

Heumann Environmental has launched a cloud-based software service called HECyclone, empowering customers to design and build reverse flow cyclones.

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Media contacts:
Jacqueline K. Heumann, Heumann Software Co., 630-204-8615 | jkh@heumannenviro.com
Terry McWilliams, Mozaic Communications, 502.410.2113 | terrym@mozaicir.com