KeepTruckin Launches New AI Dashcam Featuring Industry-Leading Accuracy to Proactively Prevent Accidents, Increase Safety and Efficiency

Only safety solution to use AI across platform, helping fleets transform the safety of their operations by increasing productivity, lowering operating costs, and reducing accidents by up to 30%


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KeepTruckin Launches New AI Dashcam Featuring Industry-Leading Accuracy to Proactively Prevent Accidents, Increase Safety and Efficiency

SAN FRANCISCO--()--KeepTruckin, the leader in fleet management technology, announced today the launch of its new AI Dashcam, powered by the leading edge AI processor and advanced computer vision algorithms that instantly detect unsafe driving with unrivaled accuracy and alert drivers in real time. The AI Dashcam is supported by an enhanced safety platform that transforms the way fleets manage driver safety. KeepTruckin’s event intelligence technology and in-house safety team analyze every video within seconds to determine the context and severity, so safety managers can focus on what matters most. Combined with the proprietary DRIVE score that benchmarks each safety event against the entire KeepTruckin network, fleets now have the power to prevent accidents and structurally reduce risk.

Distracted driving is responsible for 87% of preventable crashes every year. With insurance costs at an all-time high and road crashes predicted to be a leading cause of death over the next decade, operating a safe fleet has never been more critical to the health and success of the businesses that power the physical economy.

With the KeepTruckin AI Dashcam, automatic video review and coaching, and the DRIVE risk score, fleets can reduce accidents by up to 30%:

AI Dashcam: Precision is key to accident prevention. Using AI Dashcam advanced computer vision algorithms, unsafe driving, such as cell phone use, driver fatigue, and seat belt monitoring is detected in real-time, and with industry-leading accuracy. This unrivaled level of accuracy helps drivers to know that when an alert happens, it’s real. Key features of the AI Dashcam include: industrial-grade reliability, 1440p crystal-clear HD video resolution and a wide field of view for more coverage; up to 104 hours of camera storage; and a built-in Quick Capture feature button to instantly initiate an automatic video upload to safety departments.

Automatic video review and coaching: KeepTruckin’s advanced event intelligence technology and in-house safety team automatically analyze each AI Dashcam video within seconds to determine the context and severity of each event. Videos that do not represent actual risk are filtered out, and remaining video footage is prioritized based on risk levels. Upon completing a trip, drivers are automatically coached on correctable behaviors, enabling safety departments to increase efficiency.

DRIVE: The proprietary DRIVE risk score provides a holistic view of the performance of a driver and benchmarks every behavior against the KeepTruckin network of over 400,000 connected vehicles, one of the largest in North America. DRIVE automatically pinpoints specific behaviors to coach, while simultaneously identifying safe driving behaviors, so incentivizing top driver performance and driver retention is made easier.

“Quality and value will always win over time,” said KeepTruckin Co-founder and CEO, Shoaib Makani. “KeepTruckin is obsessively focused on building the highest quality products that solve the most pressing problems our customers are facing, and we know safety and efficiency are always top of the list. Our new AI Dashcam detects unsafe driving with unrivaled accuracy, helping our customers grow their businesses and ultimately make our roads safer.”

“These AI Dashcams are worth a million dollars,” said Tom Abrams, CEO at Reliable Carriers, North America's largest enclosed auto transport company and a KeepTruckin customer. “There’s simply no price you can put on how valuable these cameras are to our business.”

Groome Transportation, a leading provider of transportation services throughout the U.S., made the switch from a previous modern safety vendor to KeepTruckin. “My favorite part about KeepTruckin is that it eliminates the void between the front line and corporate,” said Rob Carpenter, Director of Safety and Compliance at Groome Transportation, after making the switch. “Previously, we could never proactively see what was happening on the road, and now, we can.” Rob added, “The KeepTruckin AI-powered safety platform supercharges my safety department and drives company-wide ROI. We can reduce claims, get in front of preventing accidents, improve driver performance, and most importantly: keep all of our passengers safe.”

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About KeepTruckin:

KeepTruckin is the leader in fleet management technology. KeepTruckin’s cutting-edge hardware and cloud-based software help companies improve the safety and efficiency of their operations. With one platform spanning video-based driver safety, Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compliance, GPS tracking, dispatch, and fuel and maintenance, KeepTruckin provides an integrated fleet management system that scales to meet the needs of over one million drivers and 95,000 customers, from small trucking companies to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Founded in 2013, KeepTruckin has over 2,400 employees and has raised $450 million from GV (formerly Google Ventures), Index Ventures, IVP, Scale Venture Partners, Greenoaks, G2 Venture Partners, and other leading investors. To learn more about KeepTruckin, visit:


Media Contact for KeepTruckin:
Rebeccah Propp


Media Contact for KeepTruckin:
Rebeccah Propp