Rémy Cointreau announces the success of its first employee share ownership plan, “My Rémy Cointreau”, in France

PARIS--()--Regulatory News:

On 8 June 2021, Rémy Cointreau (Paris:RCO) announced the launch of its first employee share ownership plan, “My Rémy Cointreau”, in France.

More than 630 subscribers, equating to 68.4% of eligible current and former employees, signed up for the plan via the My Rémy Cointreau employee investment fund (FCPE).

Rémy Cointreau’s Chief Executive Officer, Eric Vallat, said, “This first employee share ownership plan demonstrates how keen employees are to participate in value creation and confirms how confident they are in the Group’s ability to deliver sustainable growth. This show of commitment to Rémy Cointreau gives us confidence for the future.

Consequently, 23 457 new shares were issued on 6 August 2021. The new shares will vest on 1 April 2021 and will be identical in all respects to Rémy Cointreau shares already admitted to trading on Euronext.

Following this issue, the My Rémy Cointreau employee investment fund’s equity interest equates to 0.05% of the company, based on the share capital at 6 August 2021.


More information about the “My Rémy Cointreau” plan is available in the detailed brochure, which can be viewed at www.myremycointreau2021.com.

This press release constitutes the information document required to qualify for exemptions from the obligation to publish a prospectus laid down in paragraphs 4 (i) and 5 (h) of Article 1 of Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 of 14 June 2017. This information document is provided for information purposes only and should not be considered a form of canvassing or solicitation for employees and former employees to participate in the “My Rémy Cointreau” plan. No advice or investment recommendation is given by Rémy Cointreau or any employer in relation to this plan. The decision to invest is a personal one to be made by eligible employees taking into consideration their portfolio diversification requirements.

About Rémy Cointreau:

There are clients all over the world seeking exceptional experiences – clients who know that a wide range of terroirs means a variety of flavours. Their exacting standards are in keeping with our expertise – the finely-honed skills we pass down from generation to generation. The time these clients devote to savouring our products is a tribute to all those who have laboured to develop them. It is for these men and women that family-owned French group Rémy Cointreau protects its terroirs, cultivates centuries-old premium spirits and is committed to keeping them forever modern. The Group’s portfolio spans twelve exceptional brands, including Rémy Martin and Louis XIII cognacs and Cointreau liqueur. Rémy Cointreau has just one ambition: to become the global leader in premium spirits. To this end, it draws on the commitment and creativity of its 1,850 employees and on its distribution subsidiaries based in the Group’s core markets. Rémy Cointreau is listed on Euronext Paris.


Célia d’Everlange: +33 6 03 65 46 78


Célia d’Everlange: +33 6 03 65 46 78