Healthvana Launches Nation’s First Covid-19 Digital Vaccination Record For Android™ Users

LOS ANGELES--()--Across the world, governments and health authorities are working quickly to vaccinate, test, and confidently reopen communities. Public health departments and software developers are trying to help this process by developing tools to make health information more accessible for people. Consumers are looking for simple, safe, and seamless ways to save and access their Covid-19 vaccination records.

Healthvana, a leading patient communication platform used by local and state municipalities during Covid-19, today announced their collaboration with Google enabling patients to securely store and easily access Covid-19 vaccination records on Android™ devices.

“We want to provide a helpful, easy and safe way for people to store and access their Covid testing and vaccine information,” said Peeyush Ranjan, VP Engineering, Google Pay. “People can now save this information directly on their device and can access this information even when they are offline.”

Los Angeles County, with its approximately 10 million residents, is larger in population than that of 40 states.1 They will be the first in the country to offer Android users this feature.

"We're excited to provide Android users a way to save and access their Covid Cards,” said Dr. Claire Jarashow, Director of Vaccine Preventable Disease Control in Los Angeles County. “This is yet another tool to enable easy access to health information, empowering people to further engage in their health.”

Across the United States, Healthvana has delivered over 15 million Covid-19 test results and vaccination records, including millions in Los Angeles County since April of 2020.

Said Ramin Bastani, CEO of Healthvana, "We are grateful for our innovative partners in Los Angeles County and our collaboration with the team at Google. Often we hear that some populations are ‘hard to reach.’ We’ve proven that greater access to personal health records, particularly on mobile phones, is a critical step towards health equity. This exciting collaboration with Google and Los Angeles County gives a glimpse of what 21st century public health can look like.”

Fast Facts for Google Android Users:

  • Users will be able to access test and vaccine information through a shortcut on the home screen.
  • Android users will be required to use a password, pin or biometric set up for safety purposes. This information will be requested every time a user wants to access their Covid-19 test result or vaccination information.
  • The user’s Covid-19 vaccination and test information is saved and stored on the local device. Google does not retain a copy of the test or vaccine information.

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About Healthvana

Healthvana is a HIPAA-compliant, mobile friendly patient communication platform used by healthcare providers to help manage and communicate with their patient populations. Healthvana is the “last mile” in healthcare, actionable health information including test results, health records, targeted messaging, reminders, and much more to patients - delivering better care at lower costs. Since 2015 Healthvana has specialized in improving patient access for priority populations, and the company is the leading software platform in HIV/sexual health (the most sensitive data under HIPAA) and now for Covid-19, delivering approximately 15 million Covid-19 test results and digital vaccination records.

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Media Contact
Mackenzie Kreitler


Media Contact
Mackenzie Kreitler