Introducing The Wildest: The first place to get real about pet parenting and give people all the answers to ace it for their animal

New website, The Wildest™, launches to support pet parents and their pets at every stage through training tips, 24/7 vet access, life stage advice, and more

NEW YORK--()--THE WILDEST™, the first of its kind place for fresh and unfiltered dog and cat content, geared specifically towards modern pet parents, is officially live. An engaging destination for real people with pets, The Wildest™ covers every aspect of pet parenting so people can make the right moves for their pets, with confidence. The site curates and shares cool, relatable, and interactive content for every part of the pet parenting journey through informational articles, expert advice and commentary, vet access, real life stories from pet owners, and much more.

In the US, more than 64 million households are dog parents and 42 million are cat parents, which further emphasizes the need for accurate, fun, and interesting content that helps people take better care of their pets. According to recent data, 60% of millennial pet parents search online for pet care information and The Wildest™ provides a one-stop shop for all of their content needs. The Wildest™ focuses on health, nutrition, behavior, lifestyle and grooming, answering everything from questions about your cat’s hairballs to why your dog is eating… how do we put this - poop?

“Being a pet parent is one of life’s great thrills, but it can also be messy, chaotic, and quirky. There are so many questions that pet parents have -- not just when they get a new pet, but through every stage of their lives,” said Samantha Gurrie, Editor-in-Chief of The Wildest™. “We saw an opportunity to offer answers to these questions in a straightforward and authentic way, leaving no topic off the table. We’re very excited to introduce The Wildest™ to the world and help our community navigate their pet parent journey with confidence.”

The Wildest™ also offers a number of free, interactive resources for pet owners to learn more about their pets' habits and needs as they go. These include:

  • 24/7 Vet Access: When something’s up with your pet, it can be difficult to get to the vet. The Wildest™ offers a direct line into their team of vets, with a response guaranteed in 24 hours.
  • Organization: Confused about how to organize your life with your pet? The Wildest has your back with five checklists that help you make all the right moves for your new furry family member.
  • Guided Training: Partnering with Dogo, creators of the popular dog training app, The Wildest™ offers two free weeks of training exercises to help new pet parents adapt to life with a new dog and teach basic obedience.
  • Nutrition: Knowing what to feed your dog - and how much - can feel like a guessing game. The Wildest offers a nutrition calculator to help you figure out the right amount of food and exercise for your animal.

In celebration of its launch, The Wildest™ is taking over New York City streets with sidewalk art and posters to showcase the breadth of content the site will offer. For more information, visit or follow @_thewildest_.

About The Wildest brand

When it comes to pet parenting, you’re aiming to ace it. And when questions come up on the best care for your baby, THE WILDEST™ is your destination for answers.

We cut through the *crap* and get straight to the wildly good stuff. Vet-reviewed answers for urgent questions, super helpful breed-specific tips, unexpected awesome tricks, and the curated gear you need and WANT. It’s instantly useful info, delivered in a style you’ll get a kick out of - on point for you, and on point for your pet. Because seriously, who has time for anything less?

The Wildest™ is a division of Kinship. Check us out at


For media inquiries:
Ali Karp, SourceCode Communications


For media inquiries:
Ali Karp, SourceCode Communications