My Intelligent Machines Receives the Company of the Year 2021 Award Granted by Anges Québec

MONTREAL--()--My Intelligent Machines (“MIMs”), a leader in artificial intelligence and systems biology, today announced it has received the Company of the Year 2021 Award by Anges Québec, during their 2021 Annual Gathering which brought together virtually close to 175 participants on June 3rd.

MIMs especially stood out thanks to the disruptive innovation at the core of its augmented intelligence software solution, supporting R&D activities applied to life sciences. MIMs’ public outreach along with industry recognition have been underlined, as well as the company’s emphasis on women leadership. “At MIMs, we see inclusion and gender equity as an engine supporting our growth, humanist values and innovations,” explains Sarah Jenna, CEO and co-founder of MIMs.

“My co-founders, Mickaël Camus and Abdoulaye Baniré Diallo, and I are honoured to be recognized by Anges Québec. We would like to thank our outstanding team that develops pioneering AI solutions, designed to shift paradigms in the fields of precision medicine and agriculture, as well as our investors and angels from Anges Québec, for their continued trust and input over the past four years.”

The 2021 Annual Gathering organized by Anges Québec also highlighted the performance of Patrick Sauvageau, CEO and co-founder of Zilia, as Investment of the year and the contribution of Donald Clarke as Angel of the year. MIMs warmly congratulates them for their respective awards.

About MIMs’ SaaS solutions
MIMs markets augmented intelligence systems packaged in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, to support patient stratification and the selection of therapeutic targets and biomarkers, both required for the development of more efficient and personalized therapies. Whereas conventional AI solutions generally operate as a ‘black box’, MIMs’ software solutions are based on open and explainable AI and data integration. Augmented intelligence empowers scientists and their machines to identify together what neither could have done individually. Creating a synergy between the machine and its users enables life scientists to capitalize on machine-based computer modelling, distributed computing and federated learning, while leveraging their own expertise in life sciences, in order to understand complex biological systems more precisely than ever before.

About MIMs
Founded in 2016, Montreal-based My Intelligent Machines (MIMs) is a leader in artificial intelligence and systems biology. MIMs provides Biopharma and Agtech companies with easy-to-implement augmented intelligence systems, allowing for accurate biological simulations at early R&D stages, to assist life scientists in the development of targeted and personalized therapies. MIMs will continue to expand in Canada, the United States and Europe.


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