Devon Kennard of the Arizona Cardinals Launches June #ReadingWithDK Reading Club

Devon Kennard of the Arizona Cardinals Launches June #ReadingWithDK Reading Club and Program 2021. (Photo: Business Wire)

PHOENIX--()--AZ Cardinals outside linebacker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Devon Kennard launches the June READING WITH DK reading club and reading program with the book selection announced this week.

READING WITH DK, also known as #ReadingWithDK, aims to cultivate a shared community for personal growth and expanded knowledge through reading. The multi-platform initiative is designed to inspire and encourage fans and participants to get involved and to develop together as a community.

Kennard announced the June book selection Tuesday through @DevonKennard on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter social media pages, the same locations the #ReadingWithDK reading club comes together to participate. Devon selects a book after considering recommendations from club participants, fans, and friends.

“I love to read. There are books that have made a tremendous impact on me, that I’d like to share with others who might also gain from them. Also, by asking the reading community about the books that have impacted them, I’m able to learn of other great books and more about the titles that are helping our community,” said Kennard.

After the book is announced, #ReadingWithDK participants get the book, read it, and interact with Devon over social media. At the end of the month participants have an opportunity to answer Devon’s “challenge questions.” Devon selects two participants based on the responses to win football gear autographed by Kennard.

In addition to the reading club is the #ReadingWithDK reading “program.” The program aims to encourage reading and personal growth within youth. It is implemented within schools, afterschool programs and youth organizations for groups between 12-18 years of age. Devon began #ReadingWithDK in 2017 with a focus on youth.

“I started the reading club to inspire our future leaders to continue reading, discover there is a lot to be gained from it and realize that it’s cool,” said Kennard. “READING WITH DK naturally expanded to adults who share my passion for reading and who want to be their best.”

Participants of the reading club today are mostly adults and teens, however, it is without an age restriction.

“This year one of the participants joining us is twelve years old. I’m excited to have him. We’re going to have a lot of fun. Knowledge and growth are for everyone,” shared Kennard.

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Devon Kennard linebacker for the AZ Cardinals launches June #ReadingWithDK reading club and reading program in which he interacts with participants.

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