Global Initiative from Bright Data Supports Delivery of National Data Strategy Through Partnership With Multiple UK Organisations

LONDON--()--A global initiative to ensure that online data helps drive positive change around the world is working with a host of UK organisations to support delivery of the country’s National Data Strategy (NDS). The Bright Initiative, which has been established by leading data collection platform Bright Data (formerly Luminati Networks), is investing considerable resources and expertise to support work that will help the UK realise the social and economic aims set out in the NDS.

News of the Bright Initiative’s support comes following the UK Government’s publication of its response to the findings of a consultation on the strategy, which ran last year. As a key contributor to the consultation, Bright Data recommended that early delivery work prioritise internet transparency, data skills and the ethics of data collection.

Recognising that the full scale of the NDS will only be delivered through the joint contribution of the private sector alongside public and non-profit partners, Bright Data, through the Bright Initiative, is working with a range of organisations to help take these priorities forward. Work includes:

● Sharing insight on the guidelines of online data collocation with data practitioners from across the UK public sector at a Databites event run by the respected Institute for Government;

● Working in partnership with the Enterprise Forum to host a discussion on the economic aspects of the NDS among business leaders and Rt Hon John Whittingdale OBE MP, the Minister of State for Media and Data;

● Helping to develop a new generation of professionals with data skills by running workshops for students from over 70 UK universities in collaboration with social enterprise upReach as well as partnering with esteemed academic institutions, including King’s College, Royal Holloway University, and University of Oxford.

The Bright Initiative also welcomes the announcement of the Forum that the Government has set up to support implementation of the NDS, which recognises the importance of collaboration with stakeholders across the data ecosystem.

Or Lenchner, CEO of Bright Data said:

“The NDS will put the UK at the forefront of unlocking the full social and economic potential of data. As an industry-leading online data collection platform, we consider it our duty to do all we can to ensure its success. The ambitious goals of the NDS will only be achieved through a truly collaborative effort from the private, public and third sector. The work our Initiative is doing with this initial group of partners puts this principle into practice and we look forward to building on it with others over the coming months.”

The Bright Initiative is able to draw on Bright Data’s significant expertise and technical capability to support delivery of the NDS. This includes one of the industry’s most powerful tools for collecting publicly available online data.

The Bright Initiative program was established by Bright Data earlier this year. In addition to supporting the UK NDS it works with over 70 leading academic institutions, NGOs, NPOs, and public sector bodies around the world to drive positive change. It is built on three key pillars: promoting web transparency, fighting social injustice, and encouraging data-driven expertise through education and research.

Further details of the Bright Initiative’s work to support the NDS in partnership with additional organisations will be announced over the coming months.


Notes to editors:

Visit here to read Bright Data’s response to the UK Government consultation on the National Data Strategy

About Bright Data

Bright Data’s mission is to shine a bright light on the Internet, making it transparent again. The company’s SaaS platform allows its thousands of customers to tap into the Internet, the world's largest database, and collect large amounts of public unstructured data and transform it into structured data. Bright Data’s customer base includes large e-commerce, finance, travel, and security firms that benefit from near-live data insights, allowing them to act on the latest decision-making factors with speed and simplicity.

About the Bright Initiative

The Bright Initiative was established as a place to give back and make a real impact on people’s lives. We offer our robust online data collection technology, know-how, expertise, and finely attuned support, aimed at quite literally improving the world as we know it. We focus on three areas:

● Community and Social Well-being: Supporting various social justice initiatives and crisis response projects, improving community wellbeing and saving lives

● Academia: Driving critical research forward and educating the next generation of data scientists

● Promotion of Internet Transparency: Championing programs and initiatives that promote integrity on the World Wide Web.

To read more about the Bright Initiative, click here


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Release Summary

The Bright Initiative, established by Bright Data, supports National Data Strategy through partnership with multiple UK organisations


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