Wine Space Creators CellArt Launch World’s Most Advanced Wine Space Monitoring System


MONTREAL--()--Named after the 100-eyed, all-seeing giant of Greek mythology, ARGOS, the new wine space surveillance system from CellArt is true to its namesake and the ultimate guardian of wine space collections.

Every oenophile knows that the greatest challenge they face is providing the perfect, consistent environment for their wines. Sudden variations in storage conditions can quickly devastate a valuable and treasured lifetime's collection. These changes can be so small they go unnoticed.

Following over 7 years of research and development, ARGOS is the ultimate solution for uninterrupted monitoring and the world's most comprehensive wine space surveillance system currently on the market.

An aging record and oenophile’s guard system, CellArt’s ARGOS secured solution is a cloud based mobile internet platform and central hub that controls, protects, monitors, and cherishes your wine space collection.

Each ARGOS system has up to 15 independent sensors that constantly monitor the stability of your collection and feed information back to a team of experts and our Master Sommelier, John Szabo. From sound disturbances and earth tremors, to humidity and floods, any outside influence that could possibly affect the well-being of your collection is observed. The slightest change in environment and you will be alerted - wherever you are in the world. Annual reports provide a health check for your collection and ongoing suggestions for adjustments to ensure its safety, always.

A universal remedy that offers complete peace of mind, no system out performs the watchful eyes of ARGOS in preserving the full potential of your wines’ splendor and safeguarding its enjoyment for generations to come.

Founded in 2013, CellArt is the wine enthusiast's ultimate playground. From the design and manufacturing of dream wine spaces, extraordinary wine cellars, and tasting rooms, to the creation of unprecedented art pieces, limited-edition wine objects, and exclusive and visionary wine events, CellArt is inspired by the very best of what nature and human creativity have to offer. Driven by a passion for Wine and Art, CellArt opens up an exciting new world for the Wine enthusiast and presents a seamless narrative between the two traditions.

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