Inventor Smart, Chief Invention Officer, Brian Fried, Launches The Paper Towel Topper to Promote Cleanliness Anywhere

The Paper Towel Topper fits any paper towel stand to improve sanitation and prevent dirt, moisture from accumulating


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NEW YORK--()--Inventor Smart today introduced The Paper Towel Topper, a new product that will help anyone who likes a clean kitchen, bathroom, or workspace. The Paper Towel Topper is the latest invention by Inventor Smart’s Brian Fried in a line of products created to make consumers’ lives easier.

“I was tired of seeing the top of my paper towel rolls getting covered in water, food, and other dirt,” said Fried, Inventor Smart’s Chief Invention Officer. “I like a clean kitchen and thought something like this had to exist, but it didn’t. So, I set out to create it.”

The product is one that can be installed in seconds in any home or office. Users simply slip the product into the top of any paper towel roll when using a paper towel holder. The Paper Towel Topper now rests on the top of the paper towel roll. Moisture, dirt, and germs are a thing of the past with The Paper Towel Topper.

The Paper Towel Topper boasts a sleek, clear design that seamlessly fits in with any kitchen, bathroom or office decor. For those who cooking with messy hands in the kitchen, cleaning up after kids in the bathroom, or working in a business where cleanliness is key (kitchen staff, salon technicians/beauty professionals, or animal caretakers), The Paper Towel Topper is an item that will save time and money while giving consumers peace of mind.

“I was validated when I asked around and realized I wasn’t the only one with this problem,” said Fried. “I think that’s the greatest thing about being an inventor. You see a problem, you think of a solution and get to see your idea turned into a product and used by others just like you envisioned.”

The Paper Towel Topper is set to soon be on shelves in major retailers to make life a little easier for consumers everywhere, joining other patented products from Inventor Smart’s Chief Invention Officer, Brian Fried.

The Paper Towel Topper is available now at or Amazon.

About Inventor Smart

Inventor Smart, founded by Brian Fried, is the parent company of the Got Invention Show, Inventor Class, InventorMart, and National Inventor Club. Fried is an inventor, coach, show host, author, and invention expert. Inventor Smart Chief Invention Officer, Brian Fried’s houseware, kitchen, and lifestyle inventions have been featured in retailers across the U.S. including Walmart, Target, and HomeGoods and have been shown on QVC.


Hannah Cloe


Hannah Cloe