Artist Douglas Teiger Brings Spiritual Psychology to Fine Art with Spectrum at TAG Gallery

Oil painter, architect, and life coach Douglas Teiger encourages connections to the spiritual self through a new series of paintings in his collection Spectrum. The fine art showcase debuts at TAG Gallery on Los Angeles’ Museum Row, April 13-May 8.

Fine Artist Douglas Teiger presents his Spectrum at TAG Gallery in Los Angeles. (Photo Credit: Douglas Teiger)

LOS ANGELES--()--A row of tall panels, each boldly painted in hues of a single color, greet visitors at TAG Gallery, drawing them to the oil paintings in different ways. Spectrum is a new exhibition from fine artist Douglas Teiger, featuring exquisite oil on canvas color fields.

In Spectrum, Teiger presents a color range at wall height, allowing patrons the opportunity to view his collection as a whole. While gazing at the artist’s work, viewers are encouraged to focus on a particular panel and color.

“There is only ever this present moment,” Teiger explains. “Each of these paintings is a representation of a color on the spectrum and has a unique energetic vibration. How a person responds or reacts to that vibration represents where they are in that moment.”

“This series symbolizes the awe and miracle of the universe,” continues Teiger. “We move along a spectrum of frequencies during our lifetime. This artwork is about appreciating the beauty of wherever you are in your process.”

“The intentional span of artwork is driven by Teiger’s spiritual practice, which emphasizes a meditative and wholistic approach to personal well-being,” says gallery president K. Ryan Henisey.

Spectrum, a solo exhibition from Teiger, debuts at TAG Gallery in Los Angeles, April 13-May 8. Fine art shows from artists Sküt, with Deep and Wild, and Justin Prough, with Shallows, also exhibit at TAG.

Teiger holds a masters in spiritual psychology, which drives his fine art and life coaching practices. The artist and architect keeps a fine art studio at the Hawthorne Art Complex and has served on a variety of boards and councils related to the arts and architecture in Los Angeles.


K. Ryan Henisey,, 424.326.3446


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Oil painter Douglas Teiger encourages connections to the spiritual self in Spectrum. His fine art displays at TAG Gallery, April 13-May 8.


K. Ryan Henisey,, 424.326.3446