The Advanced Imaging Society Announces Twelve Winners of Its 11th Annual Entertainment Technology Lumiere Awards

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.--()--The Advanced Imaging Society today announced winners of the 11th Annual Entertainment Technology Lumiere Awards. The organization recognizes 12 distinguished technical achievements driving the entertainment industry forward with impact through innovation.

The honorees are Digital Domain, The Third Floor, EIZO, Stereo D / Deluxe Animation Studios, Sohonet, Moxion, PacketFabric, Deluxe, Evercast, USC Institute for Creative Technologies, Cinematography Database and Black Dot Films VR.

“Our honorees this year provided the technical genius required to keep Hollywood productions moving. These technologies and solutions will remain valued new tools long after this crisis has receded,” said society president Jim Chabin.

Among the honorees are:

PacketFabric - M&E Connectivity Cloud

PacketFabric’s Media & Entertainment Connectivity Cloud is designed specifically to deliver high capacity multi-cloud transfer that enables an end-to-end, cloud-based production pipeline. With presence in over 170 data centers worldwide, the PacketFabric network is changing the game for visual effects and distribution in traditional and virtual production and broadcast.

“The sea change for movies, episodic content and broadcast production means that disruption is needed at the cloud pathway and networking level, where the public internet just won’t suffice,” said PacketFabric CEO Dave Ward. “It’s our job to make connectivity seamless and affordable so that artists can focus on telling their stories.”

Stereo D / Deluxe Animation Studios - FLUX

FLUX is a full-featured management system uniquely configured for the new requirements of virtual production during the pandemic. The platform makes assets self-aware and enables shots to move themselves as artists work. It allows collaboration and access to vital information from around the globe with little effort and no barriers.

"We are beyond thrilled to be recognized by the Advanced Imaging Society for our work on ‘FLUX,’” said Aaron Parry, Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer at Deluxe 3D / Deluxe Animation. “In a time where teams across our industry have been spread far and wide and work from home has become the 'new normal,' we saw the need for a robust digital production tool that put seamless collaboration, cross-platform asset transfer and time efficiency at the forefront. We believe 'FLUX' is a hugely powerful tool for the future of pipeline development and virtual production, and we're so honored that our work has been recognized by AIS.”

The Third Floor - Cyclops

Cyclops is a streamlined simulcam solution able to be deployed on handheld displays. Leveraging the power of Apple ARKit and Unreal, Cyclops allows filmmakers to visualize CG assets on mobile devices on real-world sets while matching the lenses of the physical camera. It has proved to be a very flexible and feature rich tool for previs and VFX planning on-set, leveraging new technology to create a superb production solution.

“We are so excited to be honored by the Advanced Imaging Society for The Third Floor's work on our tablet-based AR App Cyclops. Cyclops started as a passion project for me,” said The Third Floor Co-Founder & VFX Supervisor Eric Carney. “When out on sets and location scouts, I wanted a better way to help department heads and crew see the VFX magic that would be added in post. Tennis balls on sticks only get you so far. We built Cyclops so that everyone had an easy-to-use tool to visualize storytelling VFX components in the context of the real-world shoot. We think it's a fantastic advancement and are proud to see it being recognized.”

Sohonet - ClearView Flex

ClearView Flex enables crews to collaborate securely and effectively on video content in real-time even when the entire team cannot be in the same room, whether due to time, travel and budget constraints or unforeseen events such as COVID-19. The flexibility in bit-rate configurations, support for “critical review” and high security allow reliable and efficient collaborations during virtual production.

“Sohonet is powered by imagination. We design and build tools to help Storytellers create the unimaginable,” said Sohonet CEO Chuck Parker. “We are focused on a vision to provide Storytellers with the most flexible and secure real-time review service possible, and ClearView Flex is the result of incredible passion for this industry and a truly fantastic team. These are exciting times for both the industry and Sohonet - and we’re excited to continue building ‘the incredible’ for our customers.”

Deluxe - One Dub

One Dub is an innovative remote audio cloud recording tool that brings professional, frame-accurate audio recording directly to the web browsers of actors, sound mixers and directors. The platform provides an ultra-secure recording environment accessible by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

"We designed One Dub to enable remote production and post work to not just continue, but flourish with the help of this easy-to-use, secure and collaborative cloud solution,” said Greg Taieb, Vice President, Product Management for Deluxe. “We are thrilled that the AIS has recognized One Dub for the pioneering advancements it has made in the remote recording world this past year. We look forward to continuing our work with the audio and production sound communities to evolve the One Dub features, now enabling multi-actor recording and frame-accurate synch to streaming picture with ultra-high quality audio."


The Advanced Imaging Society was formed a decade ago to educate, demonstrate and recognize emerging technologies to accelerate the success of next-generation consumer experiences. Founded by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, DreamWorks Animation, Pixar, Marvel, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Dolby and other Hollywood stakeholders, the organization now includes Silicon Valley and tech companies NVIDIA, HP, Google and Dell.

In addition to its annual awards, the Society produces seminars, educational videos, screenings and aids in research.


For more information contact:
Jim Chabin
President AIS


For more information contact:
Jim Chabin
President AIS