Multimedia Care Introduces Automated Wellness Screening Station Health Checkpoint

Solution Boosts Visitor Confidence, Allows Businesses to Welcome People Back Sooner and Safer

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--()--As the world's hotels, malls, restaurants and office buildings prepare to reintroduce customers, employees and other visitors to their physical locations following the COVID-19 outbreak, Multimedia Care announced today Health Checkpoint, an easy to use, multifunctional automated wellness screening and visitor engagement solution that enables them to do so sooner and more safely. Health Checkpoint sends a clear message that an establishment is doing all that it can to keep visitors safe.

Health Checkpoint sanitizes hands and shoes, scans body temperature, verifies the presence of masks, and supplies information from a programmable digital sign and custom QR code. This new Multimedia Care solution rapidly and efficiently performs one-stop health screenings without physical contact and can be deployed at building entrances or interior checkpoints.

"For the foreseeable future, organizations need to make workers and members of the public feel safe when they enter commercial buildings," said Seth Rubenstein, Multimedia Care's executive director. "Doing that requires organizations to illustrate their proactive response to the new normal and demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of their stakeholders."

In just a matter of seconds, Health Checkpoint delivers this potent message while serving several critical functions through the following included features:

  • A high-precision thermographic sensor that performs two key functions simultaneously, reading body temperatures and verifying the presence of masks, gently informing and reminding visitors to “please wear a mask”
  • A touchless integrated hand sanitizer dispenser with an invisible gel reservoir that has a one-gallon capacity
  • A rubber mat, or shallow foot-bath, which holds a mild solution for effectively sanitizing the bottoms of shoes
  • A programmable digital sign to scroll general content or event specific messages that welcome, inform and offer direction
  • A unique QR code is applied to the station for wireless engagement, leading visitors to portals of online content accessible on the go
  • A billboard-like advertising platform for partner branding, event rentals, charitable donations and other revenue-generating opportunities

Employing high-quality materials, sleek intuitive design and efficient function, Health Checkpoint provides a welcome invitation to guests of all ages, sizes, languages and cultures. Health Checkpoint saves time and money by eliminating the friction and risks involved in having employees conduct mask and temperature checks, allowing essential staff to focus their attention on personalized customer care.

This Multimedia Care solution speaks to the moment and the future, as the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 will no doubt remain for quite some time. The screening protocols and procedures created at the onset of the pandemic were stitched together hastily and are no longer adequate. Health Checkpoint's thoroughness, efficiency and adaptability exist in stark contrast to initial, on-the-fly responses and represent the next phase in wellness screening.

"Hotels, retail shops, manufacturers and a host of organizations in other sectors will – for a long time – be confronted with questions about how they're protecting staff and customers," said Rubenstein of Multimedia Care, a company with more than three decades of experience melding complex electronics and technologies with highly functional applications that consumers find engaging and unique. "Multimedia Care's core value is stakeholder well-being, and Health Checkpoint effectively extends our core values to our customers’ stakeholders."

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Media Contact
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Media Contact
Gaby Perez-Silva