FreeConferenceCall.Com Debuts Huddle: Delivering a New Premium Video Conferencing Service to Millions Around the World

New paid communication solution to allow first 10,000 customers to “pick their price”

LONG BEACH, Calif.--(), the world’s leading free conferencing service, today launched Huddle, an advanced communication solution. At the core of the company’s product philosophy is affordability, so starting now, the first 10,000 users can take advantage of the pick-your-price option for the feature-rich audio and video conferencing service, allowing them to determine how much to pay each month in perpetuity. The crowdsourced price will be announced in April. The subscription model ensures the company can continue to offer free communications to charities, non-profits, students and others in need around the world.

“We built our business on democratizing conference calling so everyone, regardless of financial circumstances, has access,” said Dave Erickson, CEO of “With demand exploding for video conferencing due to COVID-19, we developed Huddle for those that want more robust features and functionality at an affordable price. The transition to the pay model fuels the free service we provide for those who rely on our service as a lifeline and have no other way to stay in touch with colleagues and loved ones across the world.”

Huddle offers unmatched customization and functionality, while slashing the prices charged by competing communication services. Huddle features include:

  • A single dedicated phone number that avoids the access code hassles of other premium conferencing services
  • A virtual phone number to separate business and personal calls can receive unlimited calls, text messages and voice messages within the desktop and mobile app
  • Advanced customization, such as the ability to set a personalized greeting and hold music as people wait to join a call, as well as a personal landing page for visitors
  • Enhanced video conferencing functionality, including virtual backgrounds, 10GB of cloud storage and text reminder when the first person enters the room
  • Continued support for existing product functionality, such as the ability to have 1,000 participants, local dial-ins in 75 countries, meeting recording transcriptions, breakout rooms and screen sharing

“Many people can’t afford even the base price of $15 a month charged by Zoom, Webex and other conference providers,” Erickson added. “We rely on our loyal fan base to crowdsource the right price to make video conferencing accessible for all. We trust our community of consumers to determine the price they think is fair, because they know the impact it will have in helping millions of people around the world.”

The pick-your-price program will allow the first 10,000 people until March 31 to determine what they believe is a reasonable price to pay for Huddle. will honor that price for as long as the account is active. Based on this feedback on pricing, the company will take the average amount to set as the base price for Huddle moving forward. The company will be announcing the new price for Huddle in April. helps millions of people meet daily with more than 1,000 people involved in a single call. It is considered an essential service for more than half a billion users throughout the world, allowing them to connect via their cell phone or computer. NGOs, non-profits, small enterprises as well as hundreds of thousands of individuals depend on it. The intensity of sign-ups can be particularly seen internationally in countries with large religiously observant groups that need to do their conferencing via a phone rather than via video screen and in countries with poor broadband and Wi-Fi access.

To sign-up for Huddle and pick-your-price, please visit:

About Free Conference is the most recognized conferencing brand in the world with users in more than 800,000 businesses, including nearly all Fortune 500 companies. Unlimited-use service offerings include high-quality HD audio conferencing, screen sharing, video conferencing, audio and visual recording, customized greetings, security features, desktop scheduling and mobile applications. Users that sign-up with and use the service contribute to the brand’s mission to help people all over the world access free global communication software and tools. operates on a Pay-What-You-Can model, giving away free conferencing tools and asking users to contribute what they feel is fair for the services they receive. For more information, please visit:


Tiffany Rodriguez
Olmstead Williams Communications, Inc.


Tiffany Rodriguez
Olmstead Williams Communications, Inc.