Join AirMiners Carbon Removal Boot Up Course: Get Prepared to Win Elon Musk’s Competition with $100 Million in Prizes



Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has funded the XPRIZE $100M Gigaton Scale Carbon Removal competition to create and demonstrate solutions that permanently remove carbon dioxide and reduce the impact of climate change. Innovators and entrepreneurs interested in learning more about climate change and carbon capture—and potentially entering the upcoming competition—can get a free introduction to carbon removal from AirMiners, the hub for scientists, entrepreneurs, and engineers working on mining carbon from the air.



AirMiners Boot Up is a four-week online course to learn the science and the dynamics of the carbon removal space and network with other people joining the carbon removal industry.


AirMiners Boot Up is created in partnership with Carbon Removal Academy, a developer of learning content for carbon removal, Work on Climate, an action-oriented Slack community for people serious about climate work, and Anthropocene Institute, an organization seeking to accelerate the technological and community innovations necessary to address the needs of our plane.



The first class begins Mon., March 1, 2021. Registrations for this first class close Friday, February 26th at 8:00PM EST, with new classes beginning monthly after that.



Join AirMiners Boot Up (



According to estimates, we need to remove around six gigatons of CO2 per year by 2030 and 10 gigatons per year by 2050 to reach the climate goals agreed in the Paris Agreement climate change treaty. The goal of the AirMiners Boot Up is to help participants understand the solutions, terms, and current players in the carbon removal industry, and network with others who are joining the industry.


AirMiners is the place for entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists, and designers working to extract carbon from the air. It exists to support the global carbon negative community with networking, education, inspiration and access to funding. AirMiners recently announced the AirMiners Accelerator to help entrepreneurs succeed with carbon removal innovations. To find out more about AirMiners, follow on Twitter @airminers or our LinkedIn.


Marie Domingo - - (650) 888-5642
Stacy Williams - - (970) 819-0839


Marie Domingo - - (650) 888-5642
Stacy Williams - - (970) 819-0839