Impetus Digital Launches InSite Event™ - the Most Comprehensive Virtual Event Platform for Life Science Companies, Delivered With White-Glove Service

TORONTO--()--Impetus Digital, a Toronto-based company serving life science clients worldwide, has officially launched their long-anticipated virtual event platform: InSite Event™.

Named one of the most innovative services of 2020 by PM360, InSite Event™ allows organizers to seamlessly “virtualize” their events. InSite Event™ is the most comprehensive virtual event platform specifically designed for life science companies. However, what truly sets it apart is the white-glove service and minute-by-minute support by the Impetus Digital team.

InSite Event™ is a “one-stop-shop” virtual event solution. It is ideal for medical congresses, conferences, educational events, and corporate meetings. Participants can move seamlessly between multiple stages and engage in live Q&A, breakout workshops, networking, and more. Networking can be pre-scheduled or on-demand, synchronous or asynchronous, and leverage intelligent matching, ensuring high engagement.

Attendees can also visit exhibitor halls, poster sessions, and social rooms. The portal can be customized to include the organizer or sponsors’ branding, and 3D immersive designs can be added to make the virtual space resemble real conference venues.

Events can be gamified to incentivize attendees to connect with sponsors and other participants before, during, and after the event. To monitor the success of the event, organizers have real-time access to key user metrics.

“The pandemic has precipitated the reimagining of in-person events and Impetus Digital is thrilled to be pioneers in the virtual event space for life science companies,” says Natalie Yeadon, Co-founder/CEO. “Our all-in-one platform is revolutionary, as many companies have to leverage multiple platforms, which can be confusing, arduous, and expensive to manage.”

“InSite Event™ will change how pharmaceutical and medical device companies conduct their events, not just during the pandemic, but long after,” adds Jess Masciangelo, Global Business Development Director at Impetus Digital. “The benefits of virtual events extend far beyond cost-savings, with substantially higher engagement rates, superior convenience for participants, and a much lower carbon footprint.”

About Impetus Digital

Impetus Digital has 13 years’ experience helping life science clients worldwide create sustained and authentic relationships with their customers using cutting-edge virtual collaboration tools. In addition to InSite Event™, our best-in-class Impetus InSite Platform® is ideal for hosting small-to-midsize meetings such as advisory boards, working groups, steering committees, and more.


Jess Masciangelo, Global Business Development Director

Release Summary

Impetus Digital, a Toronto-based company serving life science clients worldwide, has officially launched their virtual event platform: InSite Event™


Jess Masciangelo, Global Business Development Director