No-Code Platform Appify Helps Power TataMD’s COVID Testing Product

Appify delivers five apps in five weeks to help deploy rapid and robust testing across India

CAMPBELL, Calif.--()--Tata Medical and Diagnostics (TataMD), the newest healthcare venture of Tata Group, a multinational conglomerate headquartered in India, rolled out a suite of apps from Appify, the fast-growing no-code platform for enterprise apps, that are already supporting rapid and robust COVID-19 test processing and results-delivery across India. Appify deployed five apps supporting TataMD’s testing solution TataMD CHECK, just five weeks after the engagement began, helping the company get its transformational solutions to market quickly.

TataMD licensed a CRISPR-based diagnostic solution that allows for rapid COVID-19 testing. After a successful pilot of its TataMD CHECK powered by Appify in November, TataMD has deployed its robust testing solution nationwide using Appify apps that connect labs involved in processing tests to citizens seeking testing.

People seeking tests are using the consumer-facing app to schedule an in-home test; Agents are using a collection app to get to their appointment, fill out health information and take photos of samples for tracking; Doctors at testing labs are using the lab-facing app to check in the samples, add notes, and issue a final report of the test results -- all delivered to the original person via the consumer app.

TataMD turned to Appify for a quick and effective solution to deliver rapid COVID-19 testing, something only a no-code platform could possibly provide. Appify was able to deliver five apps in just five weeks -- a complete end-to-end solution with multiple apps that includes a complex set of functionality running across all parts of the COVID testing value chain.

"At TataMD, we are transforming healthcare through our innovative diagnostic testing app for COVID-19, TataMD CHECK.” said Girish Krishnamurthy, CEO of TataMD. “We were impressed with how fast Appify could produce an end-to-end experience with 5 apps supporting each part of our COVID-19 testing platform, thus guaranteeing that we could get to market extremely quickly and begin work to contain this pandemic."

This is the power of no-code platforms in action. Just a few years ago, it would have taken months and hundreds of developers to produce even one app with the robust capabilities and functionality of our Appify apps,” said Appify CEO, Jen Grant. “TataMD announced their offering, powered by Appify, just three weeks after engaging us - and now are helping the people of India get COVID tests and results quickly. Ultimately our ability to deploy these apps, as fast as we did, will save lives.”

Appify’s customers include Keysight, United Service Technologies, Johnson & Johnson, and Relo Solutions Group; as well as customers in a wide range of industries such as Commercial Food, ATM, Construction, Medical Devices, Semiconductor, and Technology.

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Lindsay Riddell

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No-Code platform Appify helps power TataMD’s COVID testing product


Lindsay Riddell