Bitcoin is Now Accepted for Real Estate Transactions on

TORONTO--(), a Bitcoin division of Real Estate Bay Realty (est. 2011), a licensed Real Estate Brokerage that is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment for any Real Estate, including properties priced in dollars.

Position on Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an absolutely scarce store of value asset as well as a secure payment method, allowing for transacting directly without using third-party intermediaries. Real Estate Bay recognizes that Bitcoin is a de facto permanent feature of modern society, just like the Internet.

Bitcoin is a relatively new asset class that is going through a process of price discovery, resulting in high levels of volatility.

Bitcoin cycles start with an accumulation phase by Smart Money, buying up Bitcoin below fair market value, which then transform into speculative run-ups fuelled by Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), followed up by a steep corrections.

Bitcoin holders are therefore stuck with very limited options:

  • Hold Bitcoin throughout the entire multi-year duration of the cycle, which is accompanied by a fictitious “Bitcoin is Going to Zero” narrative
  • Cash out into USDT (Tether), which may or may not be fully backed by any real assets

A better alternative is to convert Bitcoin directly into Real Estate, so that Bitcoin holders are not stuck holding perpetually depreciating dollars or even riskier USDT. provides a safe way to protect accumulated wealth by storing it in a stable asset that appreciates in value.

Buying Real Estate with Bitcoin

For everyone in the Bitcoin community accepting Bitcoin as payment is straightforward. Real Estate, however, is priced in dollars with most sellers unfamiliar with Bitcoin. bridges this gap by enabling a buyer to pay with Bitcoin and simultaneously issue an equivalent amount of dollars for the Real Estate transaction.

Considering the volatility of Bitcoin, provides a rate freeze window for Bitcoin payment to complete. Upon the issue of the invoice, the rate is frozen and the exact amount of dollars is provided, which is then used for funding the transaction. To the Seller, Listing Agent, and Brokerage this sale is processed as a regular dollar-denominated transaction.

Buying Real Estate with Bitcoin is the Safest Way to Protect Your Wealth, improve your lifestyle and hedge against Bitcoin volatility during the bear markets.


Founder & Broker of Record, Nadia Chentsova
416.477.2068, @BTC_Home

Release Summary

Bitcoin is now accepted as payment for all Real Estate Transactions on, a Bitcoin division of Real Estate Bay Realty, Brokerage.



Founder & Broker of Record, Nadia Chentsova
416.477.2068, @BTC_Home