Pandemic Creates ITSM Scalability and Quality Crunch According to DeepCoding Analysis

  • Pressure mounts as IT System Management costs, ticket volumes and technician absenteeism soar
  • DeepCoding’s transformational AI solution optimises delivery whilst reducing costs

TEL AVIV, Israel--()--Data from over 400 global companies analysed by DeepCoding, the AI-led ITSM delivery optimisation company, reveals the impact of Covid-19 on the ITSM sector has exposed a business critical, costly lack of resilience.

The pandemic has created a perfect storm for ITSM teams highlighting the inability for the sector to scale and maintain quality. The issue has been exacerbated by technician absenteeism and budget cuts, causing customer satisfaction levels to plummet.

As companies have been catapulted into “working from home”, ticket volumes have skyrocketed by 35 percent. Employees working from home have required more support due to connectivity issues and VPN problems.

Technician absenteeism has doubled as IT employees have been forced to deal with family responsibilities or have been struck by illness. DeepCoding’s analysis illustrates that service desk costs per ticket has increased by 30 percent from $20.44 to $26.51. These factors have led to a ten percent fall in customer satisfaction.

The pandemic has presented the industry with a wakeup call. Despite these challenges, several ITSM organisations have beaten the odds. The effective deployment of Artificial Intelligence has enabled these organisations to reduce ticket volumes and costs while improving the customer experience.

Utilising AI, DeepCoding has delivered impressive results for its clients during the pandemic, accelerating digital transformation by automatically shifting left, intelligently routing tickets, and dramatically reducing resolution times. The firm’s global client base utilising this technology includes Walmart and Deloitte.

Sebastien Adjiman, Chief Executive of DeepCoding, said:

“Our analysis indicates that the COVID pandemic has been detrimental to the ITSM sector which has witnessed a significant rise in costs and a decline in the quality of service. Corporates cannot afford to deploy the ostrich technique. This is a business-critical issue and one where a swift and cost effective solution is required to improve standards and scalability whilst reducing cost per ticket.

“DeepCoding’s solution can be implemented within weeks improving customer experience and costs. It is the transformational solution the market has been waiting for and gives our clients, the CTOs and CIOs around the world, the ability to be the pioneers in implementing an organisational business transformation engine.”

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Emma Kane/Jamie Williams


Emma Kane/Jamie Williams