Releases StartCARE App to Make Internet Troubleshooting Easier

The StartCARE app, enables internet users to efficiently and independently run diagnostics and troubleshooting protocols in real-time. The app scans a customer’s network, then provides simple step-by-step instructions for suggested fixes. StartCARE can now be found on the App Store and Google Play. (Photo: Business Wire)

LONDON, Ontario--(), the London, Ontario-based “friendly internet service provider (ISP)”, has made publicly available an updated app that diagnoses home network issues. The app, called StartCARE, scans a customer’s network for problems, then provides simple step-by-step instructions for suggested fixes. The StartCARE app serves as a new telecommunications support option that meets modern demand, most notably during COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

StartCARE is powered by RouteThis, a software company located in Kitchener, Ontario that specializes in automated and self-serve platforms for ISPs and smart home companies. The StartCARE app was initially developed as an internal resource but was quickly identified as a useful tool that should be accessible to customers. A series of application updates were completed throughout 2020 to align with customer feedback and ensure the functionality met their needs. The result is an improved, user-friendly resource for any customer to use with ease.

The updated and now publicly accessible StartCARE app enables internet users to efficiently and independently run diagnostics and troubleshooting protocols in real-time for any challenges they’re experiencing with their internet. The app also educates users about common causes of connectivity issues, such as device placement, outdated hardware, and connection strains.

Canadians are working and learning from home at levels never before experienced. Pandemic-related restrictions have prompted increased use of residential internet services, which has had an impact on ISP organizations across the country. The updated StartCARE app has been designed to help relieve the higher wait times customers have experienced in recent months. By rolling out an app that will meet customer needs, call wait times can be decreased, resources can be made more readily available for those who need to call in, and the overall experience for every customer can be made better.

“We care about our customers’ needs, especially during a time that has been challenging for so many. We have listened to feedback and is committed to finding innovative solutions to support those who depend on our services,” says Al Uniac, Customer Experience Director at “StartCARE is a major revision and enhancement to an already effective tool, improving the experience for both our customers and our staff. The app takes our offering a step further by enabling our customers to get support instantly without needing to call in or wait for an available representative.”

StartCARE offers support in a way that fits evolving lifestyle and communications preferences. For example, the self-serve app gives customers access to support whenever they have a need, rather than making a phone call or waiting in a virtual queue. To improve call times and simplify logistics when a situation requires further support, StartCARE generates a unique session key code that can be shared with a Customer Experience representative during a call. Users are also able to use the app to take and share real-time visuals with the representative to further streamline support cases.

“The StartCARE app runs a variety of network tests and diagnostics that can be shared with a support rep, as necessary. Customers who still have to call in after running the scan appreciate the speed at which the rep can now identify issues based on the diagnostic data provided,” says Emily Ferreira, VP of Customer Success. “This app has been made possible by RouteThis, a fellow Southwestern Ontario tech company. We have been impressed with the exemplary service and we hope that customers are, too.” is continuously monitoring customers’ feedback to improve the app and to provide additional self-help options in the future.

The StartCARE app is now publicly available for free for any customer. The app can be found on the App Store and Google Play. To learn more, visit

Quick Stats:

  • Since the new customer accessible StartCARE app launched in December 2020, there have been over 8092 self-service sessions initiated
  • To date, 52% of scans have been related to devices and hardware, informing users about updates that would improve internet connection
  • 22% of scans have been related to high internet use, indicating a strain on the user’s connection and the need to adjust bandwidth to accommodate new demands
  • 62% of new weekly StartCARE subscribers have resolved issues without needing to call in, which has substantially reduced call volumes and had a positive impact on both wait times and customer satisfaction
  • Early numbers indicate a 3.45% reduction in call volume as a direct result of the release of StartCARE


Based in London, Ontario, has been providing internet service throughout Ontario for 25 years. offers fibre, cable, and DSL internet, as well as TV and home phone services. Additionally, offers a full suite of business internet and data centre services.

About RouteThis

RouteThis is a Kitchener-Waterloo based technology company that is changing the way ISPs and smart home companies manage technical support around the world while transforming the customer experience. RouteThis automatically identifies the root cause of connectivity issues and empowers customer support agents to quickly and easily implement a solution with easy-to-follow troubleshooting steps. In addition to the industry leading agent tool, the RouteThis Self Help solution enables customers to solve connectivity issues themselves without making a call to customer support.


Media: Trisha Beausaert | | 519-878-3022

Release Summary

ISP publicly releases the StartCARE app, a new support option that meets modern demand.


Media: Trisha Beausaert | | 519-878-3022