Savor Announces Six Ways to Help 116M Americans Keep Their New Year’s Goals

Recipes and tips help support the 23M who have already predicted they will fail at their resolutions

These changes assist those spending more time indoors in response to COVID-19

NEW YORK--()--Today, Savor announced six recipes and tips to help the 116M Americans who made New Year’s resolutions to better their health and fitness (source: Finder). These tips support the 23M who have already predicted they will fail to keep to their resolutions. Beyond supporting a healthy lifestyle, these tips can foster new habits and experiences for families to implement together as they work, learn and exercise from home.

“Each year, millions of Americans fail on their commitments to lead healthier lives due to lackluster foods that curb motivation,” said Savor spokesperson Diya Basu. “At our core, Savor’s mission is to provide inspirational recipes that make cooking feel less like a chore and more like an experience. By providing tips and recipes, we’re able to fuel New Year’s resolutions with nutrient-rich, easy-to-make foods that help keep individuals on track.”

Six tips and recipes are below. All recipe items can be added to a digital grocery list using Whisk — located on each recipe’s dedicated page.

Shake up your morning routine: Whether working from home or making a daily commute, individuals and families often skip breakfast. Savor’s Smoothie Cookbook provides a number of easy, nutrient-dense breakfast smoothies that can be made the night before so families can start the day strong.

Ditch your standard dip: Popular dipping sauces for snacks and meals, such ketchup, ranch and honey mustard, can add calories to meals due to their high sugar and fat content. Swap these go-to sauces for homemade tzatziki sauce to add new flavors, increase protein content, and avoid unnecessary calories.

Satisfy — don’t sacrifice — your sweet tooth: Forgoing sweets can lead to unintentional snacking later in the day. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a dairy-based, three-ingredient banana pudding dip. Combine 1/3 cup of vanilla Greek yogurt with one ripe banana and a pinch of cinnamon, and enjoy the dip with whole wheat crackers to stay full in between meals.

Chocolate milk for exercise recovery: As more individuals are exercising from home, many are searching for a post-workout shake or beverage to refuel. Standard chocolate milk is known for its nutrients that shorten muscle recovery times (source: Shape). A homemade mint-avocado chocolate milk can provide additional nutrients — and taste — compared to store-bought alternatives.

Break your recipe routine: A repetitive recipe schedule can make meals feel boring and uninspired. Implement new dishes once a week from the digital International Recipes Cookbook — and find new ways to incorporate dairy into cooking.

Plan on souping-up supper weekly: Soups are great ways to maximize ingredients that linger in the fridge and can create meals to last all week long. Tackle recipes such as Roasted Tomato Cheddar Broccoli Soup, White Bean Chowder and Creamy Barely Vegetable Soup to help incorporate fresh produce into dinner while infusing dairy for additional protein.

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Savor Recipes announces six at-home recipes and tips to help 116M Americans keep their New Year's goals.


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