Meditators Spent Over 10,000 Years on Insight Timer in 2020, 5x More Than Calm

Meditators join Insight Circles to chat, share content and meditate together. (Graphic: Insight Timer)

NEW YORK--()--Insight Timer, the most popular free meditation app, reports its community of 18 million meditated for 5.6 billion minutes in 2020, five times more than time spent on Calm.

Insight Timer publishes the largest ad-free guided meditation library on earth, with 70,000 meditations, music tracks, yoga classes and talks by 10,000 teachers. All for free. Meditators interact with friends and teachers, form groups and attend live streams.

Insight Live launched in May. Live yoga classes started in October with 7,000 instructors signing up in the first seven days. Over two hundred free live yoga and meditation sessions are hosted each week, with class attendance reaching into the thousands.

Throughout 2020 content sharing jumped significantly, up by 59% from February to April alone. Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk, “Facing Fear with Compassion,” was shared over 25,000 times. Anxiety, Sleep and Mornings were the three most-searched terms throughout the year.

To kick off 2021, Insight Timer has partnered with Gisele Bündchen, Russell Brand, Wim Hof, and Arianna Huffington with a free Mindful Mornings Challenge throughout the month of January. Participants will meditate together each morning using Insight Circles, a new feature launched in December.

“2020 was exhausting. Our team grew from 30 people in Sydney to 130 people in seven countries, and we haven’t even met each other in person yet!” said Christopher Plowman, CEO of Insight Timer. “I’m so grateful to the many millions of people who continue to support us. Without Insight Timer, most people around the world wouldn’t have access to free meditation.”

About Insight Timer

Insight Timer is the world’s largest free meditation app for anxiety, stress and sleep. It is the only app in its category to grow from a conscious business model, attracting 18 million users through word of mouth and zero ad spend. Insight Timer offers 70,000 free, high-quality meditations from 10,000 teachers worldwide including His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Russell Brand, Elizabeth Gilbert, Tara Brach, and Jack Kornfield. Its library is diverse and inclusive with secular, spiritual, religious and scientific meditations, music and talks in 44 different languages. Community is a core part of the experience: meditators share tracks and playlists, join live sessions and meditate in real time with each other. Insight Timer’s community spans all continents and is most popular in the United States. For more information, follow @InsightTimer on Instagram and Twitter.


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