eLichens’ NDIR CO2 Sensor Is Being Used to Protect Workers Throughout the Covid-19 Vaccine Cold Supply Chain

eLichens Cranberry gas sensor, www.elichens.com (Honeywell logo and BW Solo CO2 images are courtesy of Honeywell international inc. ©)

GRENOBLE, France--()--Dry ice, frozen carbon dioxide (CO2), maintains the Covid-19 vaccines at very low temperatures. As dry ice warms and changes from a frozen to a gaseous state, it creates an excessive presence of CO2 gas which could affect the health of workers.

eLichens’ Cranberry NDIR (Non-Dispersive-Infra-Red) CO2 sensor is designed to serve such critical applications. By continuously monitoring CO2 levels and triggering alerts when high thresholds are exceeded our CO2 sensor integrated into the Honeywell BW™ SOLO CO2 product has become essential for workers' protection when manipulating large volumes of dry ice as it prevents toxic health effects such as asphyxia, dizziness, disorientation, fatigue and convulsions.

“We are very proud that eLichens CO2 sensor has been selected by Honeywell for their BW™ SOLO CO2 product to monitor and alert workers in case of unsafe conditions and minimize disruptions throughout the Covid-19 vaccine cold supply chain,” said Wahid Issa, Chief Executive Officer of eLichens.

eLichens’ Cranberry 1-series NDIR sensor is the smallest industrial grade CO2 sensor on the market. It is high performance, dual channel and ultra-low power.

“Working closely with eLichens we quickly saw the technical benefits of their technology and that this was a great fit for our BW™ SOLO CO2 product giving us a sensor that performs in extreme conditions and a reliability that the end user can trust,” said Richard Dunn, Senior Offering Management Leader at Honeywell.

More information about the Honeywell BW™ SOLO at: https://www.honeywellanalytics.com/en/products/BW-Solo

About eLichens (www.elichens.com):

Founded in December 2014, eLichens mission is to pioneer the Smart Sensor Network to enable Air Quality Sensing Services through its data fusion, cloud models and analytics, for a safer and eco-friendlier environment. The company relies on a portfolio of patents, know-how and skills that enable complete air quality and multi-gas (CO2, LEL, CH4, PM, refrigerants, …) detection solutions, addressing Industrial Safety, Gas Utilities and Smart Home/City markets. eLichens has its headquarters in Grenoble, France with offices in Paris, France and in the Silicon Valley California, USA.


Marc Attia, info@elichens.com

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eLichens’ NDIR CO2 sensor is being used to protect workers throughout the Covid-19 vaccine cold supply chain.

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Marc Attia, info@elichens.com