Animal Slaughtering and Processing Company Insights | BizVibe Adds Detailed Profiles to Help Users Find Suppliers and Target Sales Prospects

Snapshot of BizVibe's animal slaughtering and processing industry group and product categories (Graphic: Business Wire)

LONDON--()--BizVibe is continuing to expand the number of companies which can be discovered and tracked within their animal slaughtering and processing category offering. Users can browse unlimited company profiles, allowing them to discover 2,000+ animal slaughtering and processing companies, spanning across 75+ countries, which are categorized into 65+ product and services. Discover Companies for Free

Companies listed under this classification are defined as being primarily engaged in slaughtering animals, preparing processed meats and meat by-products, and/or rendering/refining animal fat, bones, and meat scraps. BizVibe’s detailed company profile insights help users to discover, track, evaluate, and connect with animal slaughtering and processing companies from all over the world.

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What’s in a BizVibe Company Profile?

The 10 million+ company profiles on BizVibe’s platform contain high-quality insights, helping procurement and sales teams find trusted suppliers and target sales prospects. Some of the valuable information found in these company profiles include:

  • Organizational insights such as key competitors, operating categories, products, and service offerings
  • Employee details such as key company personnel, stakeholders, and decision makers.
  • Company performance and risk monitoring
  • Latest company news with the option to sign up for weekly or monthly alerts
  • Accurate and up-to-date company information

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Related Product and Service Categories

BizVibe’s animal slaughtering and processing industry group is categorized into 65+ related products and services. Discover companies for all 65+ offerings which include:

  • Animal Processing
  • Animal Slaughtering
  • Beef Processing
  • Rabbits Processing
  • Turkeys Processing
  • Poultry Manufacturing
  • Geese Processing
  • Bones Rendering
  • Meat Scraps Rendering
  • Animal Fat Rendering

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Discover Companies in the Manufacturing Industry

BizVibe lists animal slaughtering and processing as a part of their manufacturing industry. This industry contains 86 total industry groups which all contain thousands of company profiles that can be viewed for free. There are 200,000+ manufacturing company profiles on BizVibe which are segmented into the following categories (in addition to animal slaughtering and processing):

  • Basic Chemical Manufacturing
  • Animal Food Manufacturing
  • Beverage Manufacturing
  • Plastics Product Manufacturing
  • Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing
  • Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing
  • Fiber, Yarn, and Thread Mills
  • Foundries
  • Forging and Stamping

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BizVibe is the modern B2B platform dedicated to connecting global buyers and sellers. Powered by the latest best-in-class solutions, BizVibe provides outstanding product features for both category managers and sales professionals.

For buyers, BizVibe helps companies quickly discover and shortlist suppliers, compare companies, create customized alerts for supplier news, and send RFI/RFPs from pre-built templates. For sales teams, BizVibe allows users to efficiently build prospects lists, track and evaluate companies, and integrate their CRM.

This all-in-one platform was designed to equip users with all necessary tools needed to complete the entire buying/sales cycle in a single workspace.

About BizVibe

BizVibe has been conceptualized and built by a team based out of Toronto, Bangalore, and London. We are a branch of Infiniti Research and have dedicated units in all three locations. BizVibe helps buyers find the most relevant suppliers from around the world and help sellers target prospects who need their products and/or services. For more information, please visit and start for free today.


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Release Summary

BizVibe has added detailed company profiles to their animal slaughtering and processing category.


Jesse Maida
+1 855-897-5880