Groundbreaking, Portable Air Purification System Delivers Infection Control to Everyday Workspaces ‘Making Air Safer to Breathe’

MUKLITEO, Wash.--()--Omni CleanAir, maker of commercial-grade air purification systems for demanding environments, today announced the launch of a new family of portable air purification devices. The OCA Professional Series eliminates the dangers of pathogens, including COVID-19, from everyday workspaces in offices, schools, medical and dental practices allowing businesses to reopen safely.

“Our mission is to eliminate the illnesses caused by unhealthy air,” said Paul de la Port, President of Omni CleanAir. “Our new solution eliminates 99.99 percent of dangerous airborne particles, inactivates viruses and bacteria and does so at the same ventilation rates required by hospitals.”

For more than three decades, Omni CleanAir has designed and built air purification systems to deliver safe air in ultra-demanding environments, including healthcare facilities for infection control and patient isolation, communities impacted by wildfire smoke, and even in the decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

Omni CleanAir’s portable units combine high-capacity airflow, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), and true HEPA filtration to remove dangerous airborne particles and disable pathogens as quickly as every 5 minutes.

“This new portable air purifier exceeds medical-grade air purification standards yet is affordable and designed for everyday work and classroom environments. The device can be set up in minutes without any training,” said Jason Wilbur, Vice President of Omni CleanAir. “These systems will enable professionals to confidently resume operations and once again serve their customers, patients, students, and communities.”

The new OCA Professional Series is specifically designed for easy deployment into everyday indoor spaces with:

  • Simple installation and operation that requires no special training or expertise
  • Powerful performance that achieves up to 12 complete air changes per hour
  • Easy and infrequent maintenance

The individual models differ only in airflow capacity, providing maximum flexibility to accommodate the near-endless shapes and sizes of everyday workspaces. Multiple units can also be used to increase airflow in larger treatment areas.

“By adding ventilation and air purification, our customers can proactively address the concerns of their returning employees, students, and customers,” said de la Port. “Our solution is an essential element of the layered approach recommended by the CDC to reduce exposure to COVID-19 and future infectious diseases.”

Omni CleanAir units are made in the USA and are being deployed to customers today.

About Omni CleanAir

Omni CleanAir's mission is to eliminate the illnesses caused by unhealthy air. Since 1988, the company’s technology has been deployed to thousands of high-stakes applications where keeping people safe from some of the most dangerous airborne pollutants and pathogens is a matter of life and death. The company delivers safe air in diverse environments, including communities impacted by wildfire smoke, construction projects involving environmental remediation (Asbestos, Mold, Lead, Silica), hospitals for patient isolation and ICRA regulations compliance, and nuclear facilities during decommissioning. More info at


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Omni CleanAir's Groundbreaking, Portable Air Purification System Delivers Infection Control to Everyday Workspaces


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Ray Young
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