Seven Health Systems Choose Loyal to Improve Patient Experience

ATLANTA--()--Loyal, the preferred software solution for improved care utilization among the nation's leading health systems and hospitals, has added seven new health systems spanning 26 states to its client roster in the last quarter, resulting in over 65% growth for the business.

As hospitals and health systems work to regain their pre-pandemic patient volumes, a growing number – including Ochsner Health, and Community Health Network - are turning to Loyal to address critical, but often overlooked, factors that affects their ability to convert patients: the online healthcare consumer experience and digital front-door.

“It is clear these organizations take seriously their commitment to making care easy to access, especially in the wake of COVID-19, and we’ve seen how our clients already doing this have been able to schedule appointments in a time when most are struggling to re-engage their patient base,” Chad Mallory, CEO of Loyal, said. “We’re thrilled to partner with these health systems to keep their communities healthier and provide their patients information from a trusted source.”

Ochsner Health, Community Health Network and others soon will deploy Loyal’s Guide, an artificial intelligence (AI) healthcare chatbot and live chat solution that handles appointment scheduling and other types of triage functionality for hospitals. Guide also allows patients to type in questions they may have about their care and medical condition, both on the health system website as well as inside the patient portal.

“This past year has demonstrated that digital, front-door technologies are essential to our business and that our patients are more willing than ever to adopt them,” Amber Welch, Assistant Vice President, Digital Content and Creative Media at Ochsner Health said. “It’s no longer just something that is ‘nice' to have. “We’re excited to work with Loyal to improve our healthcare consumers’ online experience and look forward to providing this added level of convenience to patients.”

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