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--()--Elevate Security, the leader in Human Risk Management software helps security leaders in enterprises measure, communicate and reduce human risk to keep their companies safe from cyber threats. One of the most challenging aspects of building a cybersecurity program is the human risk component. Elevate Security provides a way to quantify this human risk across the entire organization using security incident data that is already available. Quantifying human risk and analyzing it as part of an overall cyber risk framework provides unique insights to the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Armed with this insight, CISO’s are in a much better position to optimize their security technology spend, focus their monitoring and detection capabilities on the high risk groups and strengthen their overall cyber defense strategy. Medium and large enterprises across industries, from financial services, technology, healthcare and more, have benefited from increased cyber resilience by incorporating Elevate Security into their security infrastructure.


Elevate Security



Headquarters Address:

1404 Rimer Drive


Moraga, CA 94556






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Key Executives:

CEO: Robert Fly


Co-founder: Masha Sedova



Public Relations



Tiffany Schoenike





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