Klarrio Joins EU’s GAIA-X as a Day 1 Member

Company Will Provide Data Industry Expertise, Best Practices for the Data Infrastructure and Sovereignty Initiative

ANTWERP, Belgium--()--Klarrio today announced that it has become a Day 1 Member of the European Union’s GAIA-X data infrastructure initiative.

Klarrio brings deep expertise in cloud-native data streaming, data engineering and data science to the project. The company will collaborate with other European businesses and organisations to share industry knowledge, best practices and use cases as the initiative prepares to launch in 2021.

GAIA-X aims to build a secure, unified and federated data infrastructure for European countries and businesses. It will be based in the EU and will be protected by EU data laws, while promoting innovation and digital sovereignty.

“GAIA-X is an important initiative for all European businesses because it will facilitate a stronger focus on data governance, digital sovereignty, privacy enforcement and data ownership towards its citizens,” said Kurt Jonckheer, co-founder and CEO of Klarrio. “We are honoured to be a Day 1 Member of the organisation and we look forward to helping bring the vision and reality of a data-driven society to front-of-mind for EU businesses and consumers.”

Klarrio is working on the initiative alongside Agoria, an industry consortium that is leading the Belgian hub of GAIA-X called “GAIA-X for Belgium.” They are also working in conjunction with the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), of which Klarrio is a member.

The company made this announcement during the GAIA-X Summit that is being held 18-19 November 2020.

About Klarrio

Klarrio is a systems integration, consulting and software development firm specialising in real-time data streaming. Klarrio a one-stop resource for integration services that require cloud-native/open-source expertise, and provides a strategic bridge to emerging technologies, such as IoT, big data and AI. www.klarrio.com


Jeff Green, greenj@burns-360.com, +1-214-521-8596 x101


Release Summary

Klarrio has become a Day 1 Member of the European Union’s GAIA-X data infrastructure initiative.


Jeff Green, greenj@burns-360.com, +1-214-521-8596 x101