Houston-based Small Business Owner Linda Whiteley Introduces The Pivot Principle™ and Offers Recommendations to Help Peers Survive and Thrive During the COVID-19 Pandemic

HOUSTON--()--The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially challenging for small business owners all over the world, with record numbers of them shutting down completely or operating at limited capacity. Linda Whiteley, owner of certified woman-owned business AGS Solutions Inc. and a real estate investor based in Houston, has recently launched The Pivot Principle™ to help her peers survive and thrive personally and professionally during the pandemic and other crises.

Whitely shares her experiences and offer seven tips to provide solutions for other entrepreneurs and business leaders through tough times.

“The essence of The Pivot Principle is acknowledging what we business leaders do best and applying our skills and experience to transition or transform ourselves and our operations in a new or different way in order to grow and survive,” Whiteley commented. “Many restaurants and retail businesses quickly adapted by shifting their business models to include services such as curbside pickup, delivery or online ordering. These stop-gap measures may be effective in the short-term, but most likely will not generate enough revenue in the long-term to sustain the business.”

The Pivot Principle portfolio of products and services developed by Whiteley includes success strategies, webinars, workshops, and books designed to equip and empower businesses, sole practitioners, and individuals to outlast and overcome adversity.

“I developed and applied The Pivot Principle to help my own business, AGS Solutions Inc., to thrive during these challenging pandemic times. Earlier this year, like many other business owners, I was extremely concerned about maintaining revenue, keeping my team employed, and taking care of my customers. One of our long-term customers is ExxonMobil – and ExxonMobil needed disinfectant wipes in large quantities. At that time, disinfectant wipes were in short supply, and AGS did not sell disinfectant wipes. I knew a solution was possible: my team and I adopted ‘the Little Company that Could’ attitude. We knew without a doubt that we could satisfy ExxonMobil’s need. By thinking out of the box and with a huge measure of tenacity, we added an entirely new product line to our portfolio and delivered disinfectant wipes for multiple ExxonMobil facilities with support from a new strategic partner in the Northeast,” Whiteley explained.

AGS Solutions manufactures green industrial cleaners and is known for quickly solving cleaning problems for large, blue chip corporations. By applying The Pivot Principle for AGS Solutions, Whiteley used her experience in logistics, supply chain sourcing, and warehousing ramping up to distribute other cleaning products made by other companies.

“This proved to be a smart move in the right direction, which allowed me to draw on my network of other small business owners to help. Not only have I been able to keep AGS open, but our company also has realized significant revenue growth because of shifting my own thinking and pivoting operations. AGS Solutions now offers disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer and other cleaning products to not only our existing customers but also to other industries we were not previously serving such as healthcare, government entities, major corporations, and educational facilities. AGS is now in an improved position to weather economic tidal waves better,” Whitely added.

Whiteley Offers Seven Recommendations

Thankful for the positive outcomes of pivoting in a new direction, Whiteley shares seven key recommendations for her peers based on her own experience:

  1. Examine the strengths that you as a leader have and what your business excels at doing. Then, determine what you can do for your customer by applying your strengths in a different manner.
  2. Adopt an attitude that anything is possible.
  3. Commit to persevere until a viable and sustainable solution is secured.
  4. Be willing to step far out of your comfort zone.
  5. Explore opportunities to collaborate with other small businesses who have different areas of expertise to add to your own skills.
  6. Explore opportunities to collaborate with other vendors and suppliers to support your customers in different ways.
  7. Engage your customers to better understand their needs to determine if your business can deliver a solution -- even if that solution is not one you previously offered.

For more information on Whiteley and The Pivot Principle, please visit www.thepivotprinciple.biz, or contact: info@thepivotprinciple.biz.

The Pivot Principle and The Pivot Principle Logo are trademarks of AGS Services, LLC.


Laura M. Pennino, senior PR consultant for The Pivot Principle
281 286 9398 office, 713 419 1776 mobile, lp@penninoandpartners.com


Laura M. Pennino, senior PR consultant for The Pivot Principle
281 286 9398 office, 713 419 1776 mobile, lp@penninoandpartners.com