Tonal Announces Smart Flex, the Newest Dynamic Weight Mode in its Suite of Intelligent Weight Training Features

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Tonal, the world’s smartest home gym and personal trainer, today announced Smart Flex, a revolutionary way to get stronger using variable resistance made possible by digital weights.

Smart Flex is a revolutionary weight training technology that dynamically changes resistance down to the millisecond, increasing weight where the user is at their strongest in the movement and reducing the weight at the weakest point — a technique called variable resistance. Because Smart Flex keeps muscles optimally engaged through the entire range of motion, it makes each rep the most efficient rep for stronger and faster results. This type of advanced training is exclusive to Tonal because of its patented digital weight system and cannot be replicated with traditional weights and dumbells.

“Tonal has blazed the way for a new category in connected fitness, which is intelligent fitness,” said Aly Orady, CEO of Tonal. “Our revolutionary digital weights have allowed us to unlock new possibilities in strength training through advanced AI, and Smart Flex is the latest example of how digital weight enables more efficient workouts and faster results while being extremely personalized.”

After more than five years of product development and innovation, Tonal has set the bar for connected strength training as the only offering that combines revolutionary equipment leveraging digital weight with the most advanced AI software available. Unlike other products that rely on traditional dumbbells and barbells, Tonal is moving the industry forward with adaptive resistance technology that learns from the user for a more personalized and more effective full-body workout.

Smart Flex is the latest dynamic weight mode in its lineup of digital weight exclusive features including:

  • Smart Flex: Dynamically adjusts the weight every millisecond for an optimal challenge at each point in the rep, making every rep the perfect rep — a technique called variable resistance.
  • Eccentric: Optimizes time under tension by adding resistance to the negative portion of the move, maximizing effort to build muscle and strength faster.
  • Chains: Steadily increases weight at the top of every move for maximum effort.
  • Spotter: Detects signs of struggle or fatigue within a rep and automatically decreases the weight so that the set can be finished strong and safely.
  • Burnout: Decreases the weight little by little with every set, working muscles to exhaustion for maximum gains.

Tonal’s AI features combine science and technology and include an initial strength assessment for personalized weight suggestions and expert coaching for every movement on the Tonal. Tonal then learns from each user and dynamically adjusts the weights in real-time as their strength increases. Taking the guesswork out of strength training, Tonal sets the right reps, sets, and weight (in 1lb increments) to ensure the most efficient and effective workout, while providing form feedback and real-time stats like heart rate, range of motion, and volume for every rep.

About Tonal.

Tonal is the world's smartest home gym and the first truly personalized approach to strength training. Tonal enables people to lead healthier lives by providing them with the equipment, technology, and guidance to effectively reach their fitness goals. Combining a cutting-edge, all-in-one design, revolutionary digital weights, and personalized virtual coaching, it's like having an entire gym and personal trainer, on demand, in the convenience of your home. Led by Aly Orady, a supercomputer engineer, the company makes strength training accessible to all. Tonal is backed by leading venture capital firms and investors in health and fitness. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California.


Ashley Hennings


Ashley Hennings