Clif Family Introduces Solar Grown™ Honey and Honey Spreads Adding to Its Line of Artisan Foods

Harvested From Honey Bee Hives on Pollinator-friendly Solar Farms, The New Products Demonstrate a Productive Use of the Land Around Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

ST. HELENA, Calif.--()--Clif Family announced an exciting new line of Solar Grown™ Honey and Honey Spreads. The Solar Grown Honey is harvested from hives located on pollinator-friendly solar farms. In addition to the classic raw honey, Clif Family blends the raw honey with spices to create three flavorful and creamy honey spreads. Part of Clif Family’s mission is to craft unique, regional wine and foods using practices that care for the earth and support growers who use sustainable and organic farming methods. The new Clif Family Solar Grown Honey combines creating healthy habitats and food sources for honey bees, native bees, and other wildlife with developing a unique specialty food item.

Populations of pollinators and other beneficial insects are in widespread decline and a leading cause is habitat loss. Science-based state standards establish what constitutes “pollinator-friendly” for ground cover on the working landscape of a solar farm—typically a diverse mix of low-growing flowering plants instead of bare ground or turf-type grasses. The Solar Grown trademark from clean energy nonprofit Fresh Energy indicates that a product was produced on or adjacent to a solar farm that meets pollinator-friendly solar vegetation standards. Clif Family’s sister company, Clif Bar & Company, built a 5-acre pollinator-friendly solar farm to not only provide energy for their bakery in Twin Falls, Idaho, but also to provide habitat for local pollinators. Clif Bar & Company is also an investor in other pollinator-friendly solar projects. The hope is that these pollinator-friendly, pesticide-free habitats will create a positive difference in the long-run for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, while providing the benefits of delicious, sustainable products.

“Pollinators are essential to our survival and at Clif Family we’ve always understood the importance of honey bees on our own farm,” said Kit Crawford, Clif Family co-founder and co-owner. “We’re thrilled that these delicious Solar Grown honey products allow us to bring together our commitment to finding cutting edge ways to source renewable energy and our dedication to introducing unique food items.”

The Clif Family Solar Grown Honey Spreads are gently spun together to encourage natural honey crystals to form and create a smooth and creamy appearance. Clif Family sourced spices from Burlap and Barrel, a purveyor of unique and equitable sourced spices, to develop the three spreadable flavors:

  • Clif Family Cinnamon Solar Grown Honey Spread - A touch of sweet and spice, with bright notes of pine and citrus peel from Verum Cinnamon to add a complex flavor.
  • Clif Family Cacao Solar Grown Honey Spread - Two simple ingredients come together to create a rich and decadent spread that highlights the flavors of cacao balanced with a light touch of sweetness from the honey.
  • Clif Family Ginger Solar Grown Honey Spread - Buffalo ginger delivers light floral and fruity notes with a zesty punch to make a sweet and zingy honey spread.

The Clif Family Solar Grown Honey is available in 12 oz. jars for a suggested retail price of $15.00. The three Solar Grown™ Honey Spreads are individually available in 5.5 oz. jars for a suggested retail price of $10.00. They can be found online at

About Clif Family

Clif Family was founded in 2004. Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford, the co-founders and co-owners of Clif Bar & Company built Clif Family around their passion for creating delicious, small batch foods while caring for their people, the planet and their communities. Clif Family’s goal is to craft unique, regional wine and foods using practices that care for the earth and support growers who use sustainable and organic farming methods. The portfolio includes small production Napa Valley wines and handcrafted foods, such as Savory Nut Mixes, Chocolates, Fruit Preserves, Hot Sauces and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Clif Family Farm is located on the back side of Howell Mountain in Napa Valley with vineyards, olive trees, fruit trees, honey bees, an herb garden and an extensive vegetable garden. For more information and to purchase, please visit


Miranda Carpenello


Miranda Carpenello