Envoy Powers One Million Safe Returns to the Workplace with Envoy Protect

Following successful beta with more than 5000 organizations, Envoy helps teams confidently return to the workplace with new features and Desks solution

Envoy Protect includes several new features, such as Announcements, which allows you to share important updates with your teams. (Graphic: Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO--()--For companies and individuals who have been working from home amid the pandemic, an eventual return to the workplace is certain, and those returning want to do so safely and confidently. After running a successful beta of the first solution built to address the needs of the post-pandemic workplace, today Envoy is announcing that Envoy Protect, a suite of tools to keep workplaces healthy, is now generally available with a rich set of new features. The workplace platform provider is also announcing Envoy Desks, a new hot desking tool to help teams better manage their workplace and meet social distancing requirements.

“Even after many companies have successfully transitioned to remote work, there is still a need for a common workplace where teams can collaborate and create together. We built Protect to help companies do that safely, and with the focus on user experience and deep integrations that Envoy is known for,” said Larry Gadea, founder/CEO of Envoy. “We have long believed that the workplace could work better for everyone, and our vision of a unified, data-driven workplace that helps companies make smarter decisions isn’t just a nice idea anymore - it’s necessary to keep teams safe and healthy. Our customers came to us in March and April asking for our help in building products to help them reopen safely, and the beta for Protect has only confirmed the demand for a product like this. More than 5,000 companies have signed up, and in less than five months, we’ve enabled a million safe entrances to workplaces around the world.”

Envoy Protect adds new features as it comes out of beta

Several new features are launching on Envoy Protect, including: Announcements to share important updates with teams; deep integrations with nine access control providers to ensure that only healthy, approved individuals can enter the workplace; touchless sign-in with a QR code; customizable registration by location to enable office administrators to more easily adhere to local health and safety requirements; contact tracing; a new analytics dashboard; customizable registration instructions; integrated temperature screening; and more. These join the tools available since Protect launched in beta, which include employee registration; health questionnaires; and capacity management tools.

Protect has been in beta since May, in use at companies including 23andMe, Buzzfeed, Clorox, Lululemon, Okta, Ripple and more. “Almost as soon as our offices closed, we began thinking about how we’d reopen them while prioritizing the health and safety of our employees,” said Armen Vartanian, SVP, Global Workplace Services at Okta. “Since we started testing Protect in beta in May, the company has continued to add new tools and features to the product. Trust is an essential value at Okta and as a customer and integration partner of Envoy’s, we trust them to be a key part of our strategy for welcoming employees back into the workplace when we’re ready.”

Introducing Envoy Desks in closed beta

Envoy will also launch a closed beta of Desks, a hot desking tool to help manage the social distancing needs of the many workplaces that plan to transition to a hybrid of remote and in-office work. Desks will enable employees to reserve a desk for the day while registering, and workplace leaders can ensure that any reserved desks are at a safe distance from others, have been sanitized, and are ready for use.

Envoy Protect is included with an Envoy Visitors subscription at no additional cost. Companies can send health questionnaires and screen employees on the free Basic plan, with more functionality, control and automation available on paid plans.

To sign up for Envoy Protect, please visit: https://envoy.com/products/protect-employee-safety/

If you’re a customer who is interested in joining the Envoy Desks beta, sign in here to join the waitlist. If you're not yet an Envoy customer but are interested in the Desks program, please apply here.

About Envoy

Envoy’s vision is to create a unified, data-driven workplace that removes the mundane and broken systems throughout the office. In a post-coronavirus world, this vision is more important than ever. We’re focused on creating tools that make the workplace safer, without sacrificing a great experience or product adoption. Envoy is used in more than 14,000 offices across 70 countries, including workplaces like Slack, Warby Parker, and Pinterest and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Menlo Ventures, Initialized Capital and others. For more information, please visit www.envoy.com.


Kate Miller / media@envoy.com

Release Summary

Workplace platform provider Envoy brings Envoy Protect out of Beta. Protect helps companies reopen safely. 5000 companies participated in beta.


Kate Miller / media@envoy.com