DearMob Suggests: Backup iOS 14 iPhone Aesthetic Home Screen After Changing App Icon

CHENGDU, China--()--As changing iOS 14 app icon logos without jailbreak gets prevailing among early iOS 14 adopters, DearMob iPhone Manager kindly notifies all pioneers who make their home screen aesthetic to do a full backup of their iPhone devices right after manipulating the app widgets and icon logos.

“Efficiently backing up home screen widgets and organizing icon photos can dramatically improve the iOS 14 icon changing experience,” said Huston Xu, product manager of DearMob. “No worries to icon logo loss anymore and one can happily apply the same set of logos to other devices. And DearMob iPhone Manager is your second to none choice.” Having those iPhone home screen visual arts archived using the robust DearMob iPhone backup & photo organizing feature should be an important step to finalize the change of app icon on iOS 14.

People are now busy customizing their home screens and sharing their iOS 14 app aesthetic design on Twitter with the hashtag #ios14homescreen. However, from collected tweets, rather than the assumed 1-3 hours, the mass majority was spending almost half a day and forever to adjust and accomplish a whole set of iOS 14 home screen creation.

With a great amount of time and patience invested, how can anyone afford to risk losing those efforts? DearMob suggests, doing an instant backup of the iOS 14 aesthetic home screen to an external hard drive or PC can efficiently prevent possible loss of the beauty. As fast a backup speed as 60M/s on average, the wired DearMob iPhone 1-click full backup offers more time-saving and flexible service than iTunes and iCloud.

And not just backing up iPhone home screen setups, for easier customization, DearMob, moonlights as an icon logo management tool to offer a smart feature to organize icon photos by albums, back them up in groups, and even batch export icon logos from iPhone in sequential order to apply to other devices, or share with friends when airdrop fails to work. One can easily create photo albums for varied themes, be it cyberpunk style, black women theme, a skeleton theme, or a postmodern art piece, each containing a unique set of icon logos and wallpapers.

The iOS 14 home screen aesthetic creation mainly consists of three parts:

  1. Choose the right icon tweaking apps – Shortcuts, Widgets Smith, Color Widgets, Photo Widget, and Icon Changer are frequently mentioned and suggested
  2. Prepare the pictures/photos – users can collect or choose a set of photos according to the color schemes and themes using some good photo editing apps.
  3. One-on-one settings – users need to select each app and choose the corresponding photos one by one, matching the app’s number.

The whole procedure requires that icon changers have a good taste of design, get familiar with the application, adjust picture dimensions/saturations, and have enough patience to pair applications with the pics one after another. Well, it’s obviously not rocket science but one can easily end up with a messed up theme since new ideas keep emerging which might lead to redo and redo again.

However, there are some drawbacks of changing icons on iOS 14 using Shortcuts or third party icon changing apps:

  1. After the change, the notification won’t work - missing call/message notifications (red symbols) won’t show up on the upper corner of the applications. The notification center is where to find them.
  2. Tapping Custom App Icons will always launch Shortcuts/Safari first, and then the App. It is a quick yet noticeable jump between apps.
  3. Matching apps with pictures one at a time can be heavily annoying even with all icon photos well organized.

The working mechanism of icon changing is that the application creates a copy of the app with a customizable outfit. Deleting those copies won’t affect the use of the real applications while uninstalling apps will result in invalid landing. Be careful and always resort to DearMob backup & organizing feature to prevent mischiefs.

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