Reech Corporations Group Launches Odysseus Investments

- Former Head of Global Principal Investments at BofA Merrill Lynch Adam Battersby appointed as CEO

- New growth investment arm will focus on finance and technology sectors, investing capital to drive digitisation of traditional sectors

Adam Battersby, CEO, Odysseus Investments (Photo: Business Wire)

LONDON--()--Reech Corporations Group, an investment company driving long-term value in real estate, technology and finance, has launched a new growth investor – Odysseus Investments. The business will be headed up by Adam Battersby, formerly Head of Global Principal Investments at BofA Merrill Lynch.

Odysseus Investments will focus primarily on opportunities in finance, insurance and real estate sectors. It will aim to create long-term value by working with firms with proven business models that will benefit from the experience in technology, financial structuring or scaling that Odysseus Investments has to offer.

The new business will be run by Adam Battersby, who joins as CEO. He will lead the team as they invest capital in order to build an ecosystem of complementary investments with a core focus to drive digitisation of traditional finance and technology sectors.

Adam is a highly successful investor with nearly two decades of experience investing into EMEA, the US and APAC. His track record includes investments within key areas of FinTech including, Payments, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

Prior to joining Odysseus Investments, Adam led BofA Merrill Lynch’s Global Principal Investments portfolio, with a focus on FinTech private equity investments. In this role, he had a global mandate focused on strategic investments across financials, technology companies and key FinTech Investment trends, and oversaw all new investments within a portfolio of over $2.5bn, comprised of up to 70 Fintech companies.

With an active approach and asset builder mentality, Odysseus Investments will aim to deploy considerable capital whilst driving rapid innovation within the finance and technology sectors. As the investment arm of Reech Corporations Group, Odysseus Investments will have access to extended global influence and market expertise from across the Group.

The firm, with a team that is rich in expertise in financials and technology, also has the ability to originate significant off market deal flow and use proprietary technology to filter investments at scale. The business already has several companies within its portfolio and will be looking to attract similar firms that are redefining finance and technology sectors.

Adam Battersby commented: “With a market landscape that is rapidly changing, I am excited to be joining Odysseus Investments at a time where innovation within finance and technology will be realised to its full potential.”

Battersby continued: “We’ve seen huge change these last few months, with innovation and digitisation being massively accelerated in the face of global disruption. At Odysseus investments, we will look to proactively work with innovative and transformative businesses at the forefront of change, creating an environment where they can thrive, and where we can ultimately deliver solid returns for our investors and benefits for our portfolio, across multiple investment stages.”

Christophe Reech, Group Chairman & CEO, Reech Corporations Group, added: “Odysseus Investments represents a vital arm of Reech Corporations Group and empowers us to drive the long-term structural shifts that we envisage in the finance and technology sectors. Adam’s pioneering approach and asset builder mentality, displayed throughout his career, matches our ambition to scale and grow rapidly in the next few years. We’re delighted to bring him onboard to help truly transform the industry and bring in long term value to any portfolio.”

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About Reech Corporations Group

Reech Corporations Group is an investment company driving long-term value in real estate, technology and finance. It builds game-changing companies that engineer radical new solutions across these sectors, creating disruptive shifts in markets and industries. Its portfolio companies are all wholly focused on the intersection of real estate, technology and finance.

Headquartered in London, Reech Corporations Group employs 68 people. It has brought together the best talent to help industries realise their true potential and keeps it at the forefront of the next revolution.

About Odysseus Investments

Odysseus Investments, part of Reech Corporations Group, is a growth investor and asset builder across financials and technology, facilitating the creation of new markets by the digitisation of traditional sectors. The firm creates long term value through building game-changing companies that engineer innovative solutions within finance, banking, insurance and real estate sectors.

With the collective resource and expertise that Odysseus Investments provides, our companies shape the future of finance and technology.


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Thomas Lodge
+44 796 4322 899