Expanse and National Defense ISAC Announce Partnership

Partnership Provides ND-ISAC Members Access to Expanse’s Attack Surface Management Capabilities

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Today, Expanse, the leading attack surface management platform, and the National Defense ISAC (ND-ISAC) announced a partnership to provide ND-ISAC members exclusive access to several cybersecurity and Internet facing asset management capabilities provided by Expanse. Through the partnership, Expanse is offering complimentary trial access to their Expander service, which provides attack surface management tailored to the needs of leading Defense companies, including detection of prohibited software, hardware and cloud assets.

“This partnership with ND-ISAC helps us better support defense sector companies as they strengthen their Internet-facing security,” said Tim Junio, CEO and co-founder of Expanse. “In this constantly changing security environment, empowering ND-ISAC members with better IT visibility and management capabilities can help protect our nation’s most important defense assets and suppliers.”

With Expanse, ND-ISAC members would receive a comprehensive, continuously updated inventory of all of their Internet-connected assets and key contextual details to operationalize findings, including associated exposures, and custom rule-sets to continuously monitor for non-compliant configurations and risky communication behaviors.

Expanse’s offerings to ND-ISAC members include:

  • Expander Trial Access: ND-ISAC members are eligible to receive complimentary trial access for 30 days to Expander, which provides a complete, current, and accurate inventory of all their Internet-connected assets, including IP ranges, certificates, domains, and any exposures present on each of those assets that could be attacked or exploited.
  • Remote Desk Protocol (RDP) Tippers: Expanse’s RDP Tipper Reports will provide ongoing alerts about externally accessible RDPs on the public-facing Internet, including the technical details, attribution details, and risk context to enable ND-ISAC members to investigate and remediate any potential misconfigurations.
  • Defense Industry Benchmark Reports: Upon request, ND-ISAC members will enjoy full access to personalized defense industry benchmark reports, accompanied by an out brief with Expanse cyber risk analysts, that compare their organization across similar peers to understand empirical metrics including attack surface, exposures, and sprawl.
  • Secure From Home Trial Access: Secure From Home gives companies the ability to continuously identify and remediate risks beyond the endpoint for workstations connecting from outside the enterprise perimeter. This is especially important as organizations deal with the rapid and unexpected shift to work from home operations.

To help launch this partnership, Expanse and ND-ISAC are hosting a deep-dive discussion of how the ND-ISAC member companies should be managing their Internet attack surface given the evolving threat environment and compliance landscape. If you are interested in learning more about ND-ISAC membership visit www.ndisac.org. If you would like to learn more about the partnership between Expanse and ND-ISAC visit ndisac.org/expanse/.

About Expanse

Expanse protects the world’s most important organizations by discovering risks on the Internet that no one else can find. Expanse customers comprise more than 10% of the routable Internet and rely on Expanse to discover, evaluate, and mitigate their global Internet attack surface. Using patented data collection, processing, and analysis technology, Expanse reduces risks associated with Internet assets and enables a secure digital transformation for the world’s largest organizations. Founded in 2012, Expanse is headquartered in San Francisco and is backed by more than $135M in funding. Request a demo at www.expanse.co.

About National Defense ISAC

ND-ISAC is the national defense sector’s non-profit organization formed to enhance the security and resiliency of the defense industry and its strategic partners. ND-ISAC provides defense sector stakeholders a community and forum for sharing cyber and physical security threat information, best practices and mitigation strategies. ND-ISAC also hosts the Defense Industrial Base Sector Coordinating Council (DIB SCC). For more information, visit www.ndisac.org.


Laurel Toney

Release Summary

Expanse and National Defense ISAC partner to give ND-ISAC members access to Expanse's attack surface management capabilities.


Laurel Toney