TAIMI Talks –The First Streaming in-app Event Featuring Top LGBTQ+ Celebrities, Athletes, and Models – Kicks Off on September 12th

With Alyssa Edwards, Blair Imani, Chris Mosier, Jason Wimberly, Ts Madison and Monique Heart as the headliners, TAIMI Talks – a live streaming event by the world’s largest LGBTQ+ platform – is set to lay the groundwork for regular meaningful and empowering discussions with the LGBTQ+ community worldwide.

TAIMI Talks Agenda (September 12-13) (Graphic: Business Wire)

LAS VEGAS--()--TAIMI, the world’s biggest LGBTQ+ platform that features a social network and dating app, is launching its flagship in-app live streaming series — TAIMI Talks. As part of its social mission to combat homophobia around the world and raise awareness about LGBTQ+ issues, TAIMI is focusing on bringing attention to hard-hitting subject matters while also providing entertaining content for the platform’s 8 million users.

Top LGBTQ+ celebrities, athletes and influencers are set to take part in the event. As a part of their personal live streaming sessions, influential voices among LGBTQ+ community will share their personal stories, give advice on accepting yourself, and hold workshops to share the experience in their field of work.

Alyssa Edwards, the star of Dancing Queen on Netflix and one of the most-known drag queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race, will host a dance class for all TAIMI users to join the event.

Blair Imani, a writer, mental health advocate, and historian living at the intersections of Black, Queer, and Muslim identity, will reflect on personal experiences during TAIMI Talks.

TAIMI Talks are also going to highlight subject matters that are at times uncomfortable to discuss out in the open. Chris Mosier, a transgender rights advocate and triathlete who is the first known out trans athlete to join a U.S. National Olympic team will talk about making progress in terms of cultural perceptions as well as activating legislative change.

Adding some spice to TAIMI Talks is Ts Madison, a transgender woman of color who is an outspoken equal rights activist. Madison will be hosting an exclusive cooking lesson of her favorite recipes.

Jason Wimberly, a celebrity trainer, model and television personality is sure to give out a few tips on keeping both physical and mental health in check.

Supporting the message of loving yourself and living your life as your authentic self is Monique Heart, another familiar face from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

TAIMI Founder Alex Pasykov, who is an avid supporter and an outspoken LGBTQ+ ally, believes TAIMI Talks are a reflection of the evolution TAIMI has undergone.

TAIMI Talks are all about connecting people during these tremendously difficult times,” says Pasykov. It only makes sense for us to launch these flagship series right after TAIMI’s Pride-focused activities. TAIMI Talks have been a dream of mine for a while now, and I am really excited to see this event unfold!”

The streams will be the first of its kind for TAIMI, but certainly this project will continue to evolve in the future. Diana Lysenko, TAIMI Influencer Marketing Team Lead, believes that TAIMI is the perfect platform for celebrities, activists and the media to utilize in order to get their message closer to LGBTQ+ audience.

TAIMI Talks are a project that will continue to grow. We want to showcase different voices from LGBTQ+ celebrities and activists around the world. I can honestly envision this event in French, Spanish, German, you name it. TAIMI Talks are definitely going to become a staple for LGBTQ+ people”

TAIMI Talks are set to kick off on September 12th, 2020. The series will run throughout the weekend. TAIMI Talks will be available to all TAIMI users across the world.


ABOUT TAIMI: TAIMI is the world’s largest LGBTQ+ platform that features a social network and dating app. TAIMI has several layers of verification, 24/7 profile moderation, around-the-clock live support, and PIN/Fingerprint/Face recognition. TAIMI has zero-tolerance for judgment, discrimination, hate or aggression. TAIMI is free and available to download in the App Store and Google Play.

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