Nobel Prize Winners in Physiology and Medicine Gave Video Messages to “Japan XR Science Forum 2020 in US Midwest”, the International Science Forum a Variety of Researchers Joined With Their Families

A speech from Kenichi Okada, the Consulate-General of Japan in Chicago, with the avatar (Photo: Business Wire)

TOKYO--()--HIKKY Co., Ltd. (HQ: Tokyo Shibuya, CEO: Yasushi Funakoshi) supported the first international science forum in a virtual world “Japan XR Science Forum 2020 in Midwest” on July 12th, 2020 (Japan Standard Time), hosted by United Japanese Researchers Around the World (UJA) and Cheiron Initiative.

Japan XR Science Forum 2020 in the US Midwest is an international forum not only to support the medical researchers and their families living outside of Japan, but also to enhance the presence of Japanese science and technology in the world. The forum contained presentations by researchers, networking events for researchers in different fields, awards ceremony with avatars, information session about studying abroad. 400 families and a total of 1,117 visitors joined the forum from 13 different countries from Asia, Europe, and America.

At the opening ceremony, Kenichi Okada from the Consulate-General of Japan in Chicago used a 3D avatar to give a speech. Also, video messages from Nobel Prize winners in Physiology and Medicine such as Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi (awarded in 2016) and Dr. Torsten Wiesel (awarded in 1981) were shown at the closing ceremony.

In this science forum, 4 different platforms (VRChat, Zoom, Mozilla Hubs, and YouTube Live) were used so that anyone can access this forum from anywhere in the world. The event management was also done with coordinating internationally: Tokyo, Chicago, and Strasbourg.

Please refer to the attached press release for the details of the forum.
The flyer for this event is available from this link.

[Support from HIKKY Co., Ltd.]
Using the know-hows of production and management from the world largest VR event “Virtual Market”*, HIKKY supported the structure for the user flow, the venue world, and technical part of presentations for researchers and public figures.

[*What is Virtual Market?]
Virtual Market is an event where visitors can purchase items sold by the exhibitors, varying from 3D data such as avatars, to physical merchandise like computers or apparel. Besides shopping, attendees can also ride vehicles, watch videos, explore art exhibits, and communicate with other attendees, all in the virtual world. Additionally, Virtual Market is open 24 hours during the festival event period, and that attracts visitors not only from Japan but from all over the world.

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Release Summary

Nobel Prize winners in Physiology and Medicine gave video messages to “Japan XR Science Forum 2020 in US Midwest” held in virtual space.

HIKKY Co., Ltd.
Publicity personnel, Luca Matsutani
Tel: +81-3-6277-3906