Healright Launches Groundbreaking Micronutrient-dense Food Solutions for Serious Health Conditions

More Than 75,000 People Signed Up For Launch Of Transformational Healright Squares At Healright.com

ORLANDO, Fla.--()--Healright announced today that its groundbreaking micronutrient-dense food-based solutions for serious health conditions are now available for pre-sale at Healright.com and will begin shipping to consumers in early August. Healright is a leader in the “Food As Medicine” revival, an ancient approach to wellness using food to treat serious health conditions.

In the pre-launch phase of Healright, more than 75,000 people have signed up with serious interest to subscribe to Healright programs. Healright uses a non-prescriptive, patent-pending formula to improve microbiome health and metabolic dysregulation, targeting the root cause of serious health conditions like obesity, heart disease, insulin resistance and digestive health. The Healright formula is science-based, clinically tested, and developed into Healright squares that target four health conditions, and are available in four delicious flavors.

Healright is not available in stores but is exclusively available at Healright.com in 8-week, 6 month and 12 month subscription programs. Healright subscription programs start as low as $6 per day, about the cost of coffee and a muffin. No lifestyle changes are necessary and Healright programs are easy-to-start, maintain, and help to achieve health goals. Participants simply eat one or two servings of delicious Healright squares each day depending on the program in which they are participating.

The 8-week Healright Reset, which is the starter program for all Healright subscriptions, is based on the 8-week clinical studies. In 15 separate human clinical studies, participants enjoyed two servings per day of the Healright formula for 8 weeks. Successful health outcomes included an increase of HDL cholesterol by up to 25%, overall reduction in LDL and triglycerides, improvements in insulin resistance, improvements in gut barrier functions, decreased waist circumference and visceral fat. The science behind Healright, including published studies on successful outcomes can be found at Healright.com/science.

The Healright formula was developed by a group of esteemed University of California, Berkeley-trained scientists at the USCF Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI), in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). It is backed by 15 years of research and development and 15 separate human studies.

Healright combines building blocks of metabolic and microbiome health, including:

  • Micronutrients missing from the average modern diet
  • A proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals
  • Fruit antioxidants rich in polyphenols
  • DHA, proteins and amino acids
  • Dense prebiotic fibers

Healright has been specifically formulated with fortifications to target four health conditions:

  • Metabolism & Weight, specifically developed to normalize metabolic dysregulation, improve healthy inflammatory response, decrease waist circumference and visceral fat and naturally calm the appetite.
  • Heart Health, specifically developed to promote heart and circulatory health, increase HDL by up to 25% and reduce LDL and triglycerides, lower C-reactive proteins and may be helpful to statin drug users.
  • Insulin Resistance, specifically developed to maintain healthy insulin responses, manage glucose efficiency, improve metabolic dysregulation and boost the body’s healthy inflammatory response.
  • Digestive Health, specifically developed to improve gut barrier functions, combat leaky gut at the cellular level, lower C-Reactive proteins and relieve signs of gastric distress.

Each Healright condition is available in four delicious, gluten-free flavors:

  • Lemon blueberry
  • Peanut butter banana
  • Caramel apple fig
  • Chocolate cherry pomegranate

Jonathan Smiga, Co-Founder of Healright and Managing Partner of KEEN Growth Capital said, “KEEN Growth Capital and Advanced Micronutrition are thrilled to launch Healright, which is the culmination of 15 years of research and development that brings micronutrition that heals the microbiome and help individuals who are at risk or suffering from chronic disease. Healright science points to the fact that non-pharmacological food solutions can prevent and combat severe health conditions, including chronic disease.”

Jerry Bello, Co-Founder of Healright and Managing Partner of KEEN Growth Capital said, “Healright is a life-enhancing and transformational micronutrient food solution to the world’s serious health conditions. The 'food as medicine' approach allows for wellness to be achieved without a pharmacological intervention. Healright is a champion of this concept through its product lines of delicious Healright squares. We are excited to see how Healright improves health outcomes and lives for people facing severe health conditions like obesity, high cholesterol and heart disease, insulin resistance, and moderate to severe digestive health issues.”

About Healright & Advanced Micronutrition

Healright is wholly-owned by Advanced Micronutrition, which is a portfolio company of KEEN Growth Capital, an impact investing venture capital firm. Advanced Micronutrition believes that a life without the burden of disease is attainable, through science-backed foods that improve health and longevity. Healright Squares are an effective non-prescription, micronutrient-rich alternative that heals the human gut, thereby mitigating the causative effects of multiple diseases. Follow Healright on social media and sign up for more information or subscribe to a transformative health program at Healright.com.

About KEEN Growth Capital

KEEN Growth Capital invests in early stage food-related companies that generate meaningful social impact in addition to above market financial returns. KEEN has particular focus on healthy snacking, functional foods and patented, science backed companies that positively impact consumer health, environmental and community wellness, and long-term disease mitigation. Keen’s infusion of intellectual and financial capital delivers enriched outcomes for all stakeholders while creating a healthier world. KEEN is based in Orlando. Ideas welcome everywhere. Visit KEENGrowthCaptial.com for more.

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Addison Ames VP, Marketing

Release Summary

Healright announced that its groundbreaking micronutrient-dense food-based solutions for serious health conditions are now available at Healright.com.


Addison Ames VP, Marketing