Company Profile for Venock Inc

--()--Venock Inc is US MedTech company with headquarters in New York City and operations in Munich, Germany. The company focuses on large bore vascular closure and is developing the first vascular closure device which will close large bore (>8 mm) access sites in the femoral vein following a cardiovascular transcatheter procedure. The current closure method for such sites is manual compression, which is time consuming (and thus costly), and results in a great deal of patient discomfort. Our device will attain full hemostasis and closure in under 1 minute, as opposed to the hours required for compression. We intend to be fast to market, with a 3 year exit timeline.


Venock Inc



Headquarters Address:

521 Fifth Ave


Floor 17


New York, NY 10175



Main Telephone:

+49 170 557 0073






Type of Organization:





Medical Devices



Key Executives:

CEO: Terry Barnes



Investor Relations



Terry Barnes


+49 170 557 0073