With stakes suddenly higher, another new study from Taiwan proves the skin-saving benefits of Kewpie’s Hyabest®(S)LF-P

In the current environment the question is one of trust…

TOKYO--()--These are strange times for skin. The scientists and developers at Kewpie have been witness to seismic change over the past several months, under the crushing imposition of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a leader in both the research and the retail sides of the natural food supplementation world, usage trends write the script for the work that defines our purpose.

We see a world that has shifted in both its focus and sense of responsibility to a desire for health that derives from the body’s inner resilience. Today people aren’t focusing on skin care as a way to create impressions, as much as being the outward expression of our overall health, which we face in the mirror daily.

Recently, researchers in Taiwan provided further evidence that Kewpie’s hyaluronic acid supplementation may be a key to that care.

Concerns have steadily shifted to consumers looking closer than ever at the health of their skin, the body’s largest organ. The Japan Gelatin/Collagen Industry Association recently announced that 2019 sales of all collagen peptides rose to a new record high of 5,900 tons, about 20% of which was in the form of ingestible foods and supplements.

That makes this a most significant time for Kewpie to report news of a major new study concerning its Hyabest®(S)LF-P, the global standard in hyaluronic acid supplementation for a generation.

This May in Taiwan, researchers at the 2020 International Symposium on Development of New Nutraceutical Functions and Ingredients delivered results of a recent randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study titled, Beneficial Effects of Oral 120 mg Hyaluronic Acid on Human Skin Aging. Forty subjects of mixed sex and age (range 35 – 64) were examined over a 12-week period while taking either Kewpie Hyabest®(S)LF-P or placebo. The results were, once more, stark and dramatic. Those in the placebo group showed no change in skin condition. For those in the HA group:

  • Skin hydration — significantly higher just weeks into use
  • Transepidermal moisture loss dropped precipitously
  • “Crow’s feet” and major wrinkle depth measurably reduced
  • Ep-Dm thickness and collagen structure scores all raised
  • And most notably — high-intensity echogenicity regions were visibly expanded in the Hyabest® group, representing an overall improvement of the collagen profile.

The wonder of hyaluronic acid…

The mucopolysaccharide hyaluronic acid is found throughout body tissues and intracellular fluids, contributing to cell health and regeneration, and specifically the maintenance of moisture levels. It enables the smooth functioning of major joints, maintains the eye’s vitreous humor and more.

First isolated nearly a century ago, and synthesized since the mid-forties, its first major application in medical use came in 1970. In the ensuing years it appeared in myriad forms, including dozens of topical and cosmetic applications. It was observed that hyaluronan reinforces the collagenic structure beneath the corneal layer of the skin. Without it, that structure breaks down, allowing skin’s natural hydration to dissipate, leaving it wrinkled and dry. As we age, and as we’re exposed to toxins both by choice and in the environment, our once abundant supply of this critical substance in skin and bones dwindles.

Enter Kewpie, whose founder took as his inspiration the generative properties of the humble egg (they were the first to bring mayonnaise to Japan, and ever-present Kewpie Mayonnaise has since come to be virtually synonymous with modern dining there). Kewpie was built on the idea that the sustenance of life and youth lies within us, requiring only the correct natural support to unleash vast reserves of resilience and vitality. From its inception, this producer of beloved food products has remained dedicated to ultimate purity and refinement regarding what enters the body. This was Kewpie’s mandate when it set out to develop its own line of HA supplements and functional foods.

Then Kewpie made history…

The company’s crowning achievement is Hyabest®(S)LF-P, produced without the use of any animal sources, according to exacting specifications by a unique process of natural bio-fermentation that makes it more consistently pure.

Conventional wisdom held that hyaluronan was essential to tissue health, but the scientific community lacked evidence that its stores could be replenished by supplementation. Thus, the profusion of topical applications, and expensive, unpleasant subcutaneous injection. But in 2013, Kewpie delivered clinical proof to the International Society for Hyaluronan Sciences that oral administration to living subjects over just a six-week period suppressed the loss of dermal hydration from exposure to UV wavelengths. This set off a series of groundbreaking studies showing that oral administration of as little as 120 mg of hyaluronan daily produced astonishing leaps in every measure corresponding to an improved collagenic profile.

Significance in the current moment…

Cut to the present day, and to any health supply website. Scores of hyaluronic acid supplements appear in random doses, of undetermined origin. Consumers hear the buzz of benefits. Though unfamiliar with the research, they conclude that “it can’t hurt.” But can’t it? Costly supplements, where dosage is insufficient due to haphazard processing and worse, injure not only one’s wallet, but one’s well-being.

So yes, Kewpie wants the public to know about the recent announcement in Taiwan. But no less important is the 2017 clinical study involving another 60 human subjects, or the dozens of peer-reviewed articles Kewpie published over the intervening seven years proving benefits both global and granular accompanying the oral administration of Hyabest®(S)LF-P.

The Hyabest® difference, and Kewpie’s sacred promise, is that it will always stand behind its claims of purity and consistency, and always pursue the costly and painstaking research and clinical analyses that prove its benefits.

For consumers, and for functional food manufacturers seeking to bolster the nutritive value of their products alike, nothing is more important than the confidence that Kewpie’s dedication to science has brought to the field with Hyabest®(S)LF-P.


 Daniel Daisuke Sato, kewpiefc@kewpie.co.jp



 Daniel Daisuke Sato, kewpiefc@kewpie.co.jp