Universum’s Ranking: Companies Where Colombian Young Talent Want to Work in 2020

BOGOTA, Colombia--()--Universum presents its annual ranking “The Most Attractive Employers of Colombia” showing companies such as Google, Ecopetrol, Gobierno and Grupo Bancolombia capturing the attention of new generations.

  • Banks, Education, and Marketing are the preferred industries
  • Decrease in salary expectations and increase of interest in secure employment
  • Gender gap reached 11%

As Generation Z enters the workforce it is crucial to understand its expectations. In 2020 young talent prioritize companies that offer professional training and represent a good reference for a future career.

Universum, global leader in employer branding, presents each year this ranking with the most attractive companies for students. In 2020, 19.085 students participated during October 2019 - April 2020.

What are they looking for?

One of the main conclusions was the increase in interest for a secure employment, a trend present in every field of study that reflects the worldwide economic uncertainty.

Regarding salaries, the average monthly expectation is $2’928.402, less than in 2019 when students expected $3’035.948

There is also a gender gap. Men expect to earn $3’064.920 while women expect $2’722.761, a difference of 11%.

“Students are conscious of the global economic uncertainty; therefore, their priority is a job that offers training to be able to outstand in an extra-competitive market”

Top 10


  1. Google
  2. Banco de la República
  3. Grupo Bancolombia
  4. Avianca
  5. Gobierno
  6. Ecopetrol
  7. BVC
  8. Bavaria
  9. Microsoft
  10. BBVA


  1. Ecopetrol
  2. Google
  3. Microsoft
  4. Gobierno
  5. Avianca
  6. Grupo EPM
  7. Huawei
  8. Cemex
  9. Fuerzas Armadas
  10. Facebook

About Universum

Universum is a global leader in Employer Branding. With 30 years of experience, we have established ourselves in 60 markets globally, and our diverse workforce is physically present in 20 countries. We are uniquely positioned through our talent surveys to deliver key insights to recruiters about what future talent is looking for in a company.


Lina Osorio, Marketing Manager


Lina Osorio, Marketing Manager