Liquiditi Solutions Organizes Global Virtual Forum addressing COVID-19 Response

SEOUL, South Korea--()--Liquiditi Solutions and Unit Ventures successfully co-hosted the inaugural Liquiditi Solutions Forum that spotlighted doctors, business leaders, and health experts that are leading the response to COVID-19. The virtual conference brought together 25 speakers from four continents, including Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, and attendees from all over the globe.

Liquiditi Solutions offers a critical support network to governments and corporate enterprises by streamlining the process of acquiring life-saving medical supplies and equipment while delivering on the company’s mission of protecting humanity from the catastrophic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The company partnered with Unit Ventures to co-create a one-of-a-kind virtual conference dedicated to highlighting COVID-19 actions, insights, and predictions from industry leaders in the fields of medicine, research, supply chain, trade finance, technology, sustainability, and mental health. Unit Ventures has developed mission-driven technology solutions and networks dedicated to solving inequity in the world while serving 180 cities globally.

The virtual forum included many distinguished speakers, from academic and medical minds from Harvard University and Columbia University Medical Center, to global supply chain operators and cross-border technology developers.

In her closing statement on the medical panel, Dr. Dara Kass, ER doctor from New York City, said she’s hopeful that antigen testing is going to be available soon and be economically available because she thinks it is “likely our best bet for getting out into a routine economy.”

On the PPE supply chain and logistics panel, experts weighed their thoughts on the strain, solutions and new processes developed that are attributable to surging demand of personal protective equipment. On the topic, Oz Sultan, Chief Information Officer of PAC Global, said “One thing we’re trying to do with blockchain is to start integrating the ‘traceable, transparent’ technology starting at the factory and going through the supply chain, including into some of the secondary ecosystems because there is going to be utility in some of the larger hospitals selling to smaller hospitals and creating new supply chain systems.”

With regards to re-opening strategies for businesses that closed its doors during the pandemic, Dr. Karim Bendhaou, the Head of Africa Affairs for Merck Corporation, weighed in and said “The African continent is reflecting a wide range of approaches in terms of re-opening, from a very conservative approach in South Africa compared to a more open approach in northern countries. The problem is that if the lockdown is central power decision, then the re-opening should be local because it should be adapted to the real situation.”

Closing the virtual event, social entrepreneurs shared their views on new opportunities for purpose-driven businesses that stem from COVID, followed by health and wellness experts discussing habits and practices for managing stress and staying productive.

When asked about the event, Jake Strom, Founding Member of TOMS and Managing Director of Satori Ventures, said, “The Liquiditi Solutions Forum fostered critically important conversations about the opportunities and challenges of today’s global economy. It was an honor to host the Social Impact Panel alongside such talented and passionate purpose-driven entrepreneurs.”

The virtual event was hosted by Simon Bogdanowicz, CBDO of Liquiditi Solutions; Michael Healy, Founder of Unit; and Alice Hlidkova, CEO and Founder of Through the Changing Glass.

“We are honored to have been able to bring together such an amazing group of accomplished individuals to share a lot of valuable information for our first virtual event focused on COVID-19 response and relief,” said Evan Klassen, Chief Visionary Officer and Co-Founder of Liquiditi.

More information on the Liquiditi Solutions Forum, including a recording of the event, is available at

About Liquiditi Solutions

To help combat COVID-19, Liquiditi Solutions ( was founded to offer critical support to governments and private enterprises by streamlining the process of acquiring life-saving medical supplies and equipment. We have developed integrated testing, tracking, and health passport solutions so that governments and businesses can re-open their economies in a safe and controlled way.

Liquiditi is headquartered in South Korea, and has a global presence with offices in China, Singapore, Germany, United States and Dubai. To show our long-term dedication in building the local ecosystems for the developing world, Liquiditi commits 10% of the income we generate into local development initiatives and charitable causes through our foundation.


For press inquiries, please contact:

Simon Bogdanowicz, Chief Business Development Officer at Liquiditi

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For press inquiries, please contact:

Simon Bogdanowicz, Chief Business Development Officer at Liquiditi