Carrier Software Launches CSA Safety Improvement™ Program With Built-In Telematics

Hundreds of Motor Carriers Begin to Adopt State-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence-Based Solution, Capable of Analyzing Nearly Every Facet of their Operations

WILMINGTON, Del.--()--Carrier Software, a leading provider of a broad range of insurtech solutions for the insurance and transportation industries, announced today the launch of its CSA Safety Improvement Program™, which takes a holistic approach to safety with its capabilities in analyzing nearly every facet of a motor carrier’s operations. The newly updated CSA Program provides deep insights and intelligence for users, which span motor carriers of all sizes, including safety officers and truck company owners.

The ability to analyze and monitor driver behaviors, driver hiring, vehicle maintenance, management of active driver lists and compliance with regulations are all part of Carrier’s innovative and affordable CSA Safety Improvement Program.

The CSA Safety Improvements features Telematics Tracking, which gives motor carriers real-time knowledge of each driver’s driving behavior (speed, location, direction and distance traveled). The summary data reported in the CSA solution can verify actual miles traveled, which is becoming increasingly more important to insurance companies who set their premiums based on miles driven.

Carrier’s CSA Safety Improvement Program goes a step further than the current reporting data available in the marketplace. Its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) engine is used for predictive modeling and analyses as well as myriad supposed scenarios, allowing safety managers to study fleet safety performance in specific areas among designated drivers. It shows users how hiring new drivers would have affected motor carriers’ safety score had they hired him/her previously.

With these types of in-depth insights and analyses, motor carriers can prioritize their corrective actions to maximize safety benefits while controlling expenses and preserving profitability.

“Motor carriers today need a cost-effective solution to improve their safety culture and in turn, enhance their safety performance. It is imperative to their operation as the number of highway crashes, injuries and fatalities continue to increase. It is evident that current software solutions fail to address and resolve this public safety crisis. The commercial trucking industry is experiencing increased economic pressures and problems as motor carriers are being squeezed from all sides, due to recent rising jury verdicts from claims, commercial auto insurance premiums, which have increased 20%+ throughout the past year,” explained Elaine Lack, president at Carrier Software.

“With our new comprehensive CSA Improvement Program and telematics feature, safety officers and truck company owners can better understand and enhance the safety records of their fleets. The CSA Safety Improvement Program can aid motor carriers in achieving in excess of a 100% increase in their return on investment as well as improvement in bottom line performance in the first year of use alone. With improved safety profiles and lower CSA scores, motor carriers are able to secure more competitive insurance premiums, realize better financial performance, streamline their costs and operate safer fleets. With 24/7/365 access to the CSA Improvement Program’s single and simple dashboard, users can keep pulse of all relevant driver activity and fleet operations, thereby positively impacting their records,” added Roy “Buddy” Walls, safety director at Carrier Software.

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For Further Information, Contact:
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