Turn Up the Heat on Your Ribeye Steaks This Summer

Top chefs show you how in new Prime Cuts video


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Chefs Kevin Nashan and David Bancroft share tips for grilling great steaks in a new episode of the Exmark Original Series, Prime Cuts.

BEATRICE, Neb.--()--Aside from a great looking lawn, nothing brings people together quite like food, and there’s nothing better than preparing it in your own backyard. Backyard cooking experts say that when you’re ready to take your summer grilling up a notch, it’s important to turn up the heat.

Former Iron Chef Showdown winner, David Bancroft, says high heat is the secret to grilling great steaks.

“All of my chef buddies are cooking on high, intense heat, getting their cast-irons blistering and their grills ripping hot to keep everything from sticking and to get that super-fast char,” Bancroft says. “The chef’s secret is to really push that boundary on temperature and find confidence there.”

Bancroft hosts the new Exmark Original Series, Prime Cuts, which taps the secrets of some of the world’s most renowned grill chefs to help you to raise your grilling game with a variety of meats. In a new episode, Bancroft teams up with the 2017 James Beard Award winner, Best Chef Midwest, Chef Kevin Nashan, to show viewers his grilled ribeye, grilled cabbage and scratch tater tots recipe.

Nashan says the ribeye is one of his favorite cuts. He says the secrets to his success includes using the heart, or center cut of the ribeye and cooking over a very hot grill to get a good sear, with just a little oil to keep sticking at bay.

Once the ribeye is on the grill, Nashan turns his attention to the Napa cabbage, which he coats with grapeseed oil prior to grilling.

“I like the durability of cabbage,” says Nashan. “It holds up with the ribs and can stand up to the heat on the grill. Plus, the cabbage has a little horseradish nature to it, and of course ribeye and horseradish go hand-in-hand.”

Nashan recommends frying the scratch tater tots in grapeseed oil, peanut oil, or another oil with a neutral flavor, heated to 350 degrees F.

“You don’t need a big, fancy fryer or anything like that, Nashan says. “You can just use a pot on the stove.”

Both chefs agree on the importance of getting comfortable and confident with your grill.

“The common trend with all the chefs cooking in the backyard is getting confident with your cooking vessels,” Bancroft says. “Know what your temperatures are, know your hot spots, know your cold spots and get confident.”

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Matt Gersib
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