IFM Announces Tracy W. Gaudet, MD, as Closing Keynote at 2020 Annual International Conference

FEDERAL WAY, Wash.--()--The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) today announced Tracy W. Gaudet, MD, as the closing keynote speaker for IFM’s Annual International Conference (AIC) 2020: Advancements in Clinical Research and Innovative Practices in Functional Medicine. Dr. Gaudet is the founding executive director of the Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) National Office of Patient Centered Care and Cultural Transformation. She led the VHA’s transition to Whole Health, a unique and visionary approach to wellness that delivers personalized, proactive, and patient-centered care to US veterans.

Dr. Gaudet’s vision has expanded in her new role as executive director of the recently formed Whole Health Institute and Chopra Library, whose mission is to make Whole Health affordable and accessible nationwide. Dr. Gaudet will be speaking at IFM’s Annual International Conference on Uniting Efforts to Transform Health Care.

“Transformation in health and well-being has never been more pertinent. It’s directly linked to the outcomes we’re seeing in this nation,” said Dr. Gaudet. “How can we optimize our health so that we can be as resilient as possible? We need to have a system that actually is designed to support people in learning new skills and making lifestyle changes. I’m thrilled to be participating in AIC 2020 to share in how all of us play a critical role in this transformation.”

The healthcare system is in need of change. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the forefront some of the challenges within the traditional medical model. This reactive system is struggling to support those most impacted by SARS-CoV-2: people with underlying health conditions like obesity, hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes.

“We are pleased for Dr. Gaudet, a recognized leader in the transformation of healthcare, to close AIC 2020,” said IFM CEO Amy R. Mack. “Today the vulnerabilities of the healthcare system and society are highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The healthcare system is in crisis. This crisis demands innovative voices, innovative thinking, and innovative ideas and solutions -- many of which will be discussed during this critically important two-day conference that leaders should not miss.”

AIC 2020 will take place in an interactive online format on June 12-13, 2020. Topics will address areas of health with the greatest influence on immune resilience, aimed at improving the health outcomes of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Learn more at

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Nina Koh, PR Manager


Nina Koh, PR Manager